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by on January 1, 2020
A New Olivia Sweetsong backstory.
Manehatten, back alley of Times Square...Autumn 1926...
"It was almost nightmare night, if I recall correctly...the exact date is hazy to me and if my sire was still alive, he'd tell ya better but he became too much of a Four-flusher during the Depression, ya owe the wrong crowd money you get the ol' Ashen Chopstick capiche? but anyway that bit don't matter anyway now...Walked out of the Blue Oyster at just the right time to ruin a perfectly good silk flapper dress you know, with an excessive amount of my own blood...some goons from the IRA and the Mafia were fightin' for Times Square. Luckily my Boss was right behind me or else ya wouldn't see my pretty face now. I wake up about three days later the radio playing...Baby Face...I ain't kidden it was like perfect timin'....Couldn't see myself in the mirror....this was back when there was silver on the back of them'... I was going goofy I tells ya!...almost chopsticked myself but my Boss was looking over me the entire time grabbed the stake outta my hoof and told me what career was over...least I thought...he showed me what I could do....I didn't like it at first...nopony likes doin' that at first....but this world needed a little order and them pigs don't do shit for Vamps...they just tell ya to go get a tan...but whatever."