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by on January 4, 2020
It's a world out here in space. It's also phenomenal, I love it! But I do miss it home in The United States and Ireland, farming the chicken, planting potatoes, doing practical joke attacks. I loved it. The lucky thing about it here in space is that I can listen to my favorite music here, maybe you yet don't know, well you're a piece of technology, but I like music from people and bands like Led Zeppelin, Queen, C418, AC/DC, Gorillaz, TheFatRat, John Williams, and more! I love music! After forming my team, the Guardians of the Universe, I made friends with everyone, especially Alan, I think we're really close now. I do recall that Jasper and Skyleaves are girlfriend and boyfriend. I've been friends with Blue for years now that I don't even need to think of her name when I see her, oh and she's my cat, by the way.
Have you ever heard of these things called universe stones? I saw a red one after I picked up Skyleaves and Jasper from a fallout, poor Earth, but yeah, the dude's name was Jacksyn and he told me that he was the Demigod of Fire wielding a .22 rifle that looked nothing like what a demigod would hold, it would be more like a sword he should be holding, oh well. He told me that there are 5 other stones and he ordered each stone by elements, Fire, Ice, Water, Thunder, Life, Death, I had no idea what that was about but it might have to do with something about the universe, or maybe even the multiverse as he kept on saying.
I might have to log off the JLog for now, I have a cat to feed and I got weapons to make... ok maybe I can tell you about my weapons, I made many weapons here in space, my prized weapon is the HC-57, I have other models for the HC's starting from HC-7, then HC-17, then HC-27, and so forth, I also like the E-11 and the Desalon-44, they do great in battles. I use some very odd elemental things, like kyber crystals and lasontarium, with those I make what is called, a laser beam, named after the lasontarium, I also mix Uranium energy with Light energy which makes what is called Lightanium, and mix that with Nuclear energy you get an explosion, which is perfect for a weapon like my own. I also make melee weapons, like lightsabers and yitoknives, both of which are made also with kyber crystals the way to make them are very simple-
-I gotta head off, for now, Skyleaves detected an approaching enemy nearby. The Guardians of the Universe has a fight to attend. This is Foxymax logging off for now. Goodbye.
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