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Demonic H Hooves
by on April 28, 2020
Hey you, this is going to be a long post. . . and it may not be super fun to read. But if you care about the community it's worth a read!
So yeah, I'm quitting CA. I'm not going to burn my account and flip everyone off on the way out. .plus I might wanna check up on this place. So you might see around, but I'm done posting and being part of this place. Now, I don't fucking care if anyone is sad about me leaving, so I don't want this to be about "oh no! Demonic is gone" This is about the problems CA has, what can be done to fix it... .and why I don't think they are going EVER be fixed. To make it clear one more time. . . I'm not here to cause drama. . . I want my last real post to help everyone or at least try to
To understand my points clearly, we need to start with the brony fandom as a whole. As we all know... .the show is over! the golden age is over too. cons had there "last events" and the fandom is shutting down... but it is dead? well. . . if the new show comes out and it's AMAZING! then no, the brony fandom will live on. If it's nothing special or never comes out, then it will be just like the show never happened. Fans will forget and move on until it dies.
Now, let's look around ca, we need to look at the "other" brony sites. Or better yet why we DON'T look at them. I just looked at EEA and they are fucking DEAD! they go days without posts. other brony forums are dead, Equestria daily. . .yeah the discord is okay but the forums and everything else is DEAD! anyone that looks for new mlps sites can tell you that "wow there is nothing left" the fandom. . . as a whole... .has died. . .
If you read all of that and thought "oh now he's going to tell us about how CA is going wither and die" wrong But before I get to CA. I need to ask you something. something that I believe will make or break my logic. I ask
"Why are you here?" Not in the "oh why aren't you busy STUDYING" or something like that. . . why did you check this site when you're bored? why do you log in every day? what makes you go to ca? Let me guess a few reasons
1. posting ponies
2. rping
3. seeing COOL ART
4. shitposting and seeing funny posts
am I right? if so why not be on Facebook? there mlp groups/rps/shitposts/art IT'S ALL THERE! but do you know what Facebook doesn't have that we do? the fucking commmuinty the people who post aren't the same on CA.
Like, think about it for a moment. . . if someone made a new "better" rp site. how many of you would pack up and leave? Or worse yet what if most people left for the new site. I bet you would follow right? the reason is simple, CA is just the place for a brony to be.
But that's what magical about CA! it has GREAT fucking people, and it's the only place a brony can "be" as of late! so under normal conditions, CA would be a stable and growing site with no risk! it would be amazing!
But. . . through sheer brainless ineptitude, the site is not going to grow, and if nothing changes it's going to fucking die.
The reason it's going to die is rather simple, but complex when you look deep.
"CA is run by people who run a website, not by people who care about the community" like if they cared about the community
A. why don't they ever ask for out input?
B. why don't they even ask how we THINK about things
C. why is the only major update the site got was chatrooms?
D. why is the best they can think up is "posting on a forum" for an event?
E. why is their twitter dead?
The staff has done nothing but act like we are... .users in a database, not people
Now, let's talk about the mod team and the "understaff". Let's look at PR! a PR's job is "handle complaints" "learn about what people want/like" "help run events!" So, the way CA finds PR is if they can do the art for events. . . .makeing it more a glorified rank for artists that are friends with the staff. . . and not anything of any value
Well, what about the mods! A good mod is someone who "can spend the time on the site" "knows the rules inside and out" "isn't afraid to be yelled at" So again, mods are picked by if they are friends with the staff
OKAY! let's look at the HISTORY of mods and PR! they mostly left, quit in moments or rage, or don't care... .ah
Okay! so the staff doesn't care and is dumb as fuck "who cares" right? we can just use the site? you can. . . but it affects people, an effect that slowly makes people leave and never come back. Or worse yet banned. It causes a slow bleed of people. But not just any people. The ones that make posts, get to know people and get involved. the real fans. The bland or uninteresting people tend to not do anything or get involved so they don't get affected by this. So over time, you get the effect of very few cool people and LOTS of bland people. at some point, the scale breaks and all the interesting people leave... causing the community to die
So, if you read this and you were like "ah yes! it's time for a revolution" no! no... corna made the site and should own it forever. What needs to happen is a radical shift in thinking. "ca doesn't have users to be controlled, it has people to keep safe"
To explain this. I'm going to break the rules! not only that I'm a rebel and I'm going to break three in a ROW! "Я люблю вас, I am drinking a beer, lol ur gay" look at that! three broken rules. The thinking with the current staff is "oh he broke three rules, remove the post, bounce for a week" and not "is this post a risk to anyone?" for, did breaking those rules "put a child a risk" has the "LGBT movement" been pushed back? did seeing Russian traumatize you?
That's at the core of EVERYTHING that has gone wrong with ca. we're "users who need rules to be controlled, we can not control you otherwise" it's a bit dramatic, but how else do you explain a way of thinking like that? if that can change to a "we need guidelines to keep us safe, so let's work together" then. . . FUCK DUDE! ca live for a LONG ASS TIME!
But do you know why I quit? because when I saw the new mods I knew things would NEVER get better, it was a clear "fuck you". . . and I hated it. . . and do you know what that made me think of? drama. we all know horse drama is, or. . . well "was" are favorite pastime! days of drama and posting, days of the wall poping like popcorn. . . well, the people are gone now. . .slowly bleed out. and the site without drama can be downright fucking painful with how dull it is. CA isn't going to die today, not tomorrow, and maybe even not this month. . .but this is its last year.
-a motha fucking shitpost by demonic H hooves aka lev
Nooooo, not Demonic!
Carmine Gumshoe
man went out like a god damn firework. i hope the right people see this. see you later! stay safe! (idk how to say bye, this is the best you’re gonna get)
Nitro Lionheart
Minsa Rousain
Well darn, it was interesting seeing you around the site while you were here. I can understand a lot of your reasoning, and agree with it. I think that for must sites that have quite a large adult following should take more of the approach of "the rules are here as a guideline, not as hard law", giv...View More
polo fastter
well shit he right about drama
Ice Wisp
Ice ignores the content of the post and huffs jenkem before beating a 90 year old mare with a shovel.
Ephemeria Spring
this site hasn't had real growth in ages, that's the simple fact, it doesn't help that we have a ton of staff just because they want to cover more timezones when the real question is do we actually get the traffic to warrant the need for an increase in moderation? I really don't see it, and that's n...View More
Drama was exactly what made old PS and iB the best brony FB clones. They were 100% pure chaos. I have laughed so often at the most 0 IQ shit people have posted there. It was glorious To be honest, I use CA out of like 8 years of habit from using the brony FB clones since day 1 of old PS. Old habits...View More
Bright Brave
I almost got half way through. 😎 Im with ya to the end mah friends.