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Alexander ‘Crow’ Kingston
by on May 20, 2020
//Lil continuation of the wall post I did a while ago where Alex’s gang got whacked.
A loud, deafening crack was heard above as the final few supports of the building gave in, having been reduced to mere ash by the flames. They snapped and collapsed, causing various bits of the roof to begin to cave in. The fighting was over. No sounds of screams, no cries of metal biting against metal, leaving just the sound of the fire roaring and destroying what was left of the building Alex and his guild called home. Bit by bit it came down, yet Alex didn’t move. He remained on the ground, clutching the mare so dear to him to his chest as she slowly withered away. His eyes were clenched shut and all around him he could hear the creaks and snaps of the building threatening to give in completely, but he just didn’t care. If this was his time, so be it. He’d die a warriors death, along with the rest of his family. Just as the roof began to collapse, there came a flicker of blue sparks from the mares horn and around the two, a small magical bubble formed. Alex hadn’t even noticed with his eyes shut, but just as he embraced what was coming next, there was a heavy smash above, and seconds after dust and little chunks of debris smothered them.
Slowly, his icy blue orbs began to crack open, a look of shock within them concealed by the tears running down his cheeks. He slowly looked around, his face dirtied with ash and blood, while his sweat soaked raven mane clung to his face. All he saw was smoke and burnt rubble, with the occasional charred body in the mix. He breathed in the scent of burning flesh and gagged, near vomiting up the contents of his stomach. Then, his gaze shifted down to the mare in his arms. Her eyes were losing their gorgeous colour, and the little blue spark at the tip of her horn was slowly becoming extinguished into nothing...
“Oh, Artemis...” Alex would whisper, tilting his head slowly to the side as tears threatened to fall again. He lifted a hoof to caress her cheek, doing his best to clean off her stained white fur, but it was just no use. He brought her lifeless, motionless body into his chest as his eyes surveyed the chaos around him. It was all so quiet. Nothing now except the little cracks of the small fires scattered about, and the gentle pitter-patter of rain droplets beginning to fall from the sky and pepper across the ground.
He felt the raindrops begin to hit his face and the bridge of his nose, one by one, slowly getting more and more frequent as the rainfall became more aggressive. Alex just sat there, unsure what to do next with himself. He just wanted to curl up right there, close his eyes and wake up to find out this was just some terrible nightmare, but Alex knew this was really real, and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do now. He sat there, not moving and completely silent as the rain began extinguishing the fiery chaos around him, causing smoke and steam to billow upwards and into the sky in a heavy, thick trail.
The silence was broken when Alex swore he heard someone cough. Immediately his eyes shot open and his body tensed. Someone else survived? Slowly and ever so gently, as if he was handling something fragile and made of glass, he laid the mares body back and used his hoof to close her eyes for good. It broke his heart to see her like this, but in the end she looked so peaceful. He was just grateful she wasn’t mangled or burnt to a crisp. Alex began to stand, his legs wobbling slightly and threatening to give out beneath him. He took a step forward, his hoof resting onto a small pile of cracked stone. He walked towards the source of the sound, listening to more little coughs and cries of help. Right away, he knew whoever it was, they weren’t apart of his guild.
Up ahead, on the ground sat a stallion, hunched over and leaned against a toppled pillar of charred wood. His hind legs couldn’t be seen, as they were crushed beneath a heavy stone that would take at least two or more strong ponies to lift. His stomach was pierced with a blade and was slowly yet consistently leaking with crimson blood. Alex stood, just a few steps away and simply stared at the stallion, taking in the details of the uniform he wore. On his shoulder was the insignia of the rival guild he ran with that led this brutal attack.
Looking up with pain clouded eyes, he stared over at Alex. Those eyes began to widen in disbelief, then they shrunk to a narrowed squint as a weak chuckle left him.
“Damn shame you aren’t the one under this.. Fuckin’ rock.”
He could hardly even speak. His voice was hoarse, his throat dry and his lungs full of smoke. He did his best to sit up and get a better look at Alex, but his movement was significantly limited in his position.
“It took everything we had to pull this off... Everything.” He began to look around, breaking eye contact and instead choosing to soak up the sight of the ruins around him. He did so for numerous seconds, with each of them not saying a word before he’d finally look back and speak again to cut the period of silence.
“Somehow, you still made it out... Doesn’t matter, though.” He lifted a hoof and coughed into it, managing out between his little fits. “Your friends are dead. All of them. Your guild is no more, nothing but a... Big pile of fuckin’ ashes.” The stallion lowered his hoof and sucked in a breath as he leaned back against the wooden pillar, still staring up at Alex who loomed over him.
“You can run, but the word will get out there. Run all you want, but we’ll find you.. And when we do, you’re only going to die tired.” Alex still didn’t say anything. He just stood there like a statue, but seconds after those words, he moved. He took a few steps away and reached down, gripping and hoisting up a heavy stone. Right away the stallion knew his intentions, and began to try to desperately lift the boulder he was crushed beneath as a last ditch effort.
“They’ll find you, boy! You better believe they’ll find you, and when they do, you’ll be sorry!” He shouted, his breathing becoming heavy and panicked induced as he squirmed beneath the weight of the rock. It was no use. He wasn’t going anywhere, and it was plain to see where this was going to go. Letting out a frustrated and terrified huff, he slumped back against the rock, staring up at those cold, icy blue eyes that stared down at him.
The raven haired stallion simply shrugged his shoulders, his gaze shifting from the other stallions to the heavy stone in his hooves. Alex’s silence continued for a few more seconds, before finally ending as he muttered out.
“They won’t have to look far. ”
He lifted the stone high up above his head, then with a scream of exertion and pure rage, he slammed it downwards onto the stallions skull. It was caved in with a meaty crunch, sickeningly resembling a watermelon being crushed and splattering with juices, although these juices consisted of blood, skull fragments and brain matter.
Alex panted softly, staring at the scene beneath him that looked straight out of a horror movie. He watched the blood begin to pour like a fountain and run down the lifeless stallions torso, creating a little pool all around him. He took a long, deep breath, then spat out onto the corpse before turning to stagger away and further scout out the burnt ruins.
Soon enough, the fires were extinguished by the rain, leaving nothing but burnt debris that littered the ground like a wasteland. Alex searched and searched for hours, digging up whatever he could in hopes of finding survivors or at least bodies to bury. He knew, deep down, that it was completely useless. They were all burnt into nothing, leaving him as the last one standing, and only one body to bury.
He returned to the corpse of Artemis, his best friend for a long time and the mare he saw himself spending the rest of his life with. He lifted her limp, now cold body up and staggered away from the wreckage in search of a more suitable spot to make her grave. After some time, and just when Alex’s body was about to give, he stumbled across a peaceful lake, surrounded by a plethora of trees, big and small. It was so peaceful, and almost made him forget everything that just happened.
He stared across the water, watching it ripple in response to the rain falling. He couldn’t help but smile a bit, thinking about the fantasy world he and Artemis painted for themselves after their time in the guild. They’d get away, and live in a house on a beach where they could sip cool drinks and watch the water for hours.
“Well, darling... There’s water, at least...” He whispered, that smile shifting into a deep frown. He laid her body down in a soft patch of grass, then got to work at digging out the ground, right beneath a tree along the waters edge. He dug and dug until his hooves were sore, but even then he didn’t stop until the job was done. He picked up her body and slowly placed it down into the hole. Once more, he felt tears beginning to fall as he stood over her, silently begging she’d wake up now, but it never happened. He began to shove the dirt over her body, completely covering it in the matter of minutes, and soon enough it was done.
Alex stepped back and slumped against the tree, sliding down it until he hit the ground. He let out a shaky sigh as he sat there, watching the rain fall against the lakes surface. He fished out a cigarette and his lighter from his pocket and placed it between his lips, letting it dangle loosely from the corner of his mouth. He lifted the lighter and with a firm flick, a flame ignited and caught the tip of his cig, causing a thin trail of smoke to begin to flow upwards and into the air.