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Nebulous Coltenheim
by on May 23, 2020
After princess platinum, commander hurricane, and chancelor pudding lead there subjects out of the frozen north there were some who stayed behind that clinged to hope that the windigos would disapear but it took longer then they thought crops died and ponies died left and right meanwhile a alicorn warrior with a blond mane and tail and coat returned from gathering food in the wilderness and he was the exact height as any normal pony his name was coltenheim while the ponies of the village was in grief and worry coltenheim kept his sprits up knowing no matter what happens he would be ready for anything but he also know the escalating tensions with the other pony races he was respected by each one he visted some homes and asked why they hate each other but to no avail they did not have a clear answer seeing as how they found out the windigos were causing this blight sometimes he would visit the place the 3 pony tribe leaders would meet and where they lived before they left to what is now known as equestria he always ponders as to why the tribe leaders would fight against each other instead of putting the saftey of there subjects first before them selves as weeks turned into months and months into years the tenstions have reached the pinnacle point as unicorons burned down houses of earth ponies to establish them selves as the new rulers the pegasai would create lighting storm clouds to disrupt summoning circles made by the unicorns while earth ponies would eather become assassins theivs or just rebels fighting there own kind soon coltenheim had enough he soon got stoped them from destroying each other and reminded them what happend before the hate and how they used to be close and they can still be again but more stronger and self relient soon everypony knew what was best for there lands and who to lead them was coltenheim himself who became the first prince of the north soon the windigos vansihed and even though it was still snowing the snow fall was light a peaceful like like stars falling from the heavens soon the ponies of coltenheim rebuild there lands and turned there village into a city and created a keep for the prince called coltenheim keep and for a time it was perfect and everypony was happy then several years later prince coltenheim caught wind of celestias conquest of equestria he did not want his people to be ruled by someone down south nor do they and soon there was only one option to fight for freedom thus the first northern war began the solar empire marched into the north as northern pony warriors and celestias ponies fought as the snow became coverd and coated in blood the war lasted for months when celestia won she made a treaty stating that northern equestria would serve as a border patrol for her lands against outside threats this was a problem for prince coltenheim because he wanted to intergrate dragons and gryphons into the north but sadly to no avail soon he married a fine mare and gave birth to his first heir zane nighthooves.
Topics: long term rp
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