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Nebulous Coltenheim
by on May 23, 2020
The second Coltenheim prince Zane Nighthooves son of the first prince Coltenheim was born sometime before discord rose to power the years of his youth were enjoyable spending time with his parents and them raising him as best as they could. Especially prince Coltenheim him self teaching his son the responsibility and weight of being a good leader and the consequences of those actions. Coltenheim didn't want his son to worry about his unsteady relationship with Celestia and Luna after the first northern war years ago deep down he desired to have his lands free and independent and the longer they weren't the more the citizens resented him but fate, however, was not without irony. Nighthooves was only 10 when discord finally arrived in the north and the city of Coltenheim his parents managed to get their son out before witnessing discord murder his parents and then he ran tears in his eyes as he fled south.
After traveling long distances without sleep or meal he fainted in the desert then later only to be awoken by the smell of campfire food and as his vision cleared he saw buffalo around him one of which was the one who tended to Nighthooves. His name was chief Thunderhoof of appaloosa with nowhere to go he took the young one into his tribe and raised him and taught him many things such a cooking fighting and survival despite being an alicorn and making things easier for himself he chose to refrain from using his wings or magic as a crutch only when truly needed. The years passed and when Nighthooves grew to be a stallion he left for the town of appaloosa to work and play music at the local tavern and live there for a few years. Around the time twilight made her journey to ponyville and the return of nightmare moon was nigh an assassin was sent to kill Nighthooves only to be saved by the bouncer in the nick of time. And a letter was on the assassins pouch describing that the assassin came from his birth home in the north and how the region and the city devolved into a winter wasteland where the lawless go to thrive dragons, griffins and ponies were in a free for all. And that the current occupant of the city of Coltenheim was the one who hired the assassin after much thought Nighthooves decided it was time to reclaim his home and kingdom now that discord was imprisoned. He arrived back in the land of his origins but much worse than he thought but he managed to make his way to the city and take down the one in charge and after more years of hard work he brought Coltenheim City and the lands around it to prosperity and fathered a son the 3rd in the Coltenheim line Solaris.
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