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Nebulous Coltenheim
by on May 23, 2020
Fortune Smiled on the 3rd prince for his life was not as abrupt as his fathers he was born during Coltenheim's golden age where the rule of Zane Nighthooves was long and fruitful. Such as the renegotiation of the norths Autonomy and managed to make the city and its lands into sovereign territory that still answered to Celestia and Luna and the restoration of the north and the integration of dragons and griffins into the fold. Prince Solaris 3rd to the throne not only had caring parents like his father did but grew up making friends and received the proper education and even a mare he fell in love with named Cherry Blossom to be his princess.
However as always with this line peace does not last Solaris and his father Prince Nighthooves were invited to the royal wedding of shining armor and Princess Cadence no pony expected chrysalis nor the changeling invasion of Canterlot. And after the chaos of the changelings attacking the city when the dust settled Solaris found his father dead yet the wedding resumed like nothing happened and no time to mourn the dead. Two days after the wedding Solaris still enraged demanded compensation for his father's death and permission to pursue chrysalis and her hive with the support of Celestia and Luna's forces. However, Celestia refused both the compensation and the authority to go to war even more furious he returned to Coltenheim and announced that northern Equestria would become completely independent and that the north would go to war against chrysalis and her hive.
Vengence consumed the new prince as the nation of northern Equestria and coltenheim went to war against chrysalis and her changeling hive. Knowing that her region nullifies magic the new tech he had was used in the war effort such as metal airships that dropped mortars, soldiers with advanced armor and weapons dragons breathing fire, and griffons casting lightning. The Changeling Wars is what it was soon to be called which lasted for 5 years until Celestia intervened and that it was his own beloved cherry blossom who sent for her. Knowing this Solaris now overtaken by rage waged war on Celestia and the rest of her kingdom only to be driven back north and Solaris encased in stone for eternity. as for his former princess she gave birth to a little colt around the time the crystal empire became the new power in the north just south of yakyakistan.
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