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by on June 25, 2020
Hi Ponies~ you're probably wondering why I'm writing this little letter which will be "copied" of course for all to see. Anyway I wanted to tell you all a little story, a story about a young mare who wanted nothing more but to no longer be shy and meek. She thought she would be able to make friends but no, they had to be rude to her and turn her away! Heh sorry about that, anyway she lived in a really far back time way before those no fun princes were around. And as I mentioned before she was really shy but that's besides the point, one day she had met by far the strangest thing, it told her that it had a way for her to no longer be shy and scared. It told her that it could make her strong and brave able to face off even dragons. The shy mare hesitated at first but she accepted the strange things offer, her life would never be the same again. She awoke one day feeling no different than normal at first until she saw the mirror, two small horns resting on her head, "what's happening to me!" She thought to herself, she decided to go find the odd thing that she met before but couldn't find it again. It was then that she realized that she was tricked by the mysterious creature and instead of making her brave it turned her into a monster... She was mortified by that thought and tried everything she could to try to make herself return back to normal but to no avail at first until poof the horns were gone, she then realized that she now has magic but not any normal magic no, it was Chaos magic which meant our little friend was no longer a normal pony anymore. For a long time she did as much good as she could with this power, she helped ponies, saved lives and eventually became the first Element of Kindness until one day the creature she met before returned and demanded it's power back but our formerly shy protagonist declined and defeated him with the help of the friends she had made not knowing that the creatures evil now found a new home in her...
Now why am I telling you all of this? I was bored duh. But wanna know the funny part about this story *chuckles* the little shy mare who then became the newest and greatest Queen of Chaos ever... Was me, Anarchy~
Enjoy this lovely little story ponies, I'll see you all later~
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