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polo fastter
by on August 29, 2020
about ten years before luna return to equestrea aka crazy horse land
light sky made a dimension by accident that made mostly out of crystal. light sky had some genetic problem when using magic. when he uses it there could be a magic backfire that almost made him die plus, it also made him sick. hunter sky get a call to help light sky. hunter is lightsky brother by the way even tho light sky a blue unicorn and hunter a green earth pony. hunter pay for music note parents to do a blood donation that was not a blood donation but, a fusion device. music note is a young seven year old salmon colored main and white body alicorn. hunter strapped the alicorn down as well as light sky. the fusion device malfunctions causing polo fastter to be made. polo fastter is a dragon pony. eight years of attempt to defuse the alicorn and the unicorn failed. polo almost escape only for hunter to test a new weapon that was named the rainbow cannon on polo. it hit polo causing him to be blasted through a wall, into a cave and have his horn busted.
the cave had a sword in it made by space and time pony. they are two different ponies just to let you all know. polo wakes up few weeks later with music note memories. polo pick up the sword and walk to music note home only for it to be abandoned. two changelings dragged polo out of the house throwing him into a graveyard. the changlings leave as polo get up as they run from the undertaker. not the wrestler the person who work in the cemetery. the undertaker give polo a aqua vest and polo leaves. one year later.
polo was watching a fight when he get an ability and let just say if you go to the dragon land there is a stone fortress there with sand on the bottom of it. polo use the ability and later called it the rift ability or rifts. a few months pass when polo change into darker sky and back again several times for a few months until darker defuse from polo. darker is light sky just to let you all know. darker simply said "if i ever see you again, i will make you suffer" as polo beat darker for the first time. a few month go by and polo was at a bar when angle wings walked in. angle wings is a brown main, white pegasus. polo asked first about a date and she said yes. some evil mare and yes i forget the name of the mare take angle wings. polo follows her to an ice cave. darker was injected with a temp dragon dna. darker almost eat polo when polo punch darker in the head knocking him out as the temp dragon dna wares out.
polo get angle wings out of the cave. nearly half a year later and yes polo was eight teen. he was marring angle wings when darker kick down the door about to kill polo. polo tackled darker, pick darker up, and throws him through a window. then the honey moon happened. polo was knock out by darker and toss over board. a few days later angle wings came back from the honey moon as polo wait on the docks. darker walked off the boat as angle wing told polo about the honey moon she had with polo. polo was not on the boat during the last few days. darker smiled at polo as angle wing realized. darker take angle wings to his dimension. polo just blanks out from shock.
polo sit in a bar as hunter grabbed polo and throws him into a table. hunter simply leave after that. hunter one month after polo escape was in a cabin in the woods. not that one in the movie but, it does have a lot of different things in it. hunter was a hitman and a werewolf. hunter found a way to control the were wolf side of himself. hunter has the ability to control gravity and with that ability he was also able to shoot a bullet one mile away. hunter also has a neon ability (infamous second son version). hunter was working on thing when his old teacher decided to ambush him with assassins. hunter took them down as his old teacher was slade ice. slade ice was an old earth pony who works as a liberty as a hobby. slade ability was nanotech. slade also worked with light sky.
Micro Shot is a unicorn who served as Slade personal guard for a few years. She uses blood magic (yes am talking blood controlling magic) and ash. She knock it hunter and leaves him in a tree. Crimson find hunter in a tree later on that day. Crimson rain is a red unicorn for now but, the truth is he can be anything. Crimson has the ability to make illusion and control crystal, absorb it as well. (Crimson lore is another day). Crimson hang out with hunter.
Slade has a daughter now, she works at a bar her name is lavender ice. She has no powers, but she sound like a stallion. Meanwhile, hunter build a few versions of polo, and darker and put them in different places on case. One year later after polo vanishes one of the polo bot activate and walked out of a clock tower. Cloud sky is darker's grand son. Cloud is a pegusis that work with speedy hooves. Speedy hooves is hunter son. 'polo' and cloud fight for the rift sword causing polo he bot to die and turn into music note and a heartless ( kingdom hearts anyone?). Music note because a alicorn and was evil because he killed a few people then went after darker. A few days later miss c note was on a plane when cloud tackled him off and cloud clipped music note wings off. Micro Shot moved to applelusa to keep away from Slade. Another polo bot was in marehatten being dried off by needle thread. Needle thread is a stallion who can turn anyone into a costume (he run a costume shop and no one question him on how the heck he got so many).the darker bot ran a few business that did about 270,000,000 bits a year in total. The polo bot 2 is addicted to coffee but, CURSE of no hot drinks so, he steals coffee makers. One day polo bot two got captured, riped apart and the head landed in front of the real polo. Polo beat he darker bot because it built a death laser most villains build. Polo opened a rift to darker's dimension. Darker simply told him what he did to angle wings. Polo because depressed. Darker took over canterlot. Crimson took over crystal empire. Hunter took over the castle of the two sisters.THE END for not
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