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Sean Silvermane
by on August 30, 2020
A Quick Thought
I look up at the stars. A lone space pony is found slowly floating in space among the stars. That is me. In a dream that has kept me in a calm state for some time now. After the dream, I've decided to write a friendship letter to Princess Celestia in hopes to find an answer to a question that haunts me to this very day.
Dear Princess Celestia,
I write this letter in hopes to learn something about myself.
As you already know, letter writing isn't one of my strong suits. This is my first attempt at it. I hope it's up to your standards?
Where to begin. Well, I'm a prince of a city long dead. The Oasis was my home. The only place that I cared about. My mother, Princess Onyx, was a woman of good standing. A loving ruler and a friend to all. She taught me how to love life and others. Unconditionally and without wanting it in return though I got that love and respect in abundance from everypony in the city. You can say that the royal family of The Oasis is loved unconditionally.
But when the changlings attacked and killed the citizens and my family, that event changed everything. The Changlings took everything from me. For the first time, I felt pain and fear. Not only that I felt anger, rage and malice towards the changlings.
I've harbored those feelings for what seems like an eternity. I wanted revenge, but I kept all the emotions and the very thought of revenge inside. Even if I made new friends, it's through a facade and I feel I let everypony down.
I don't know what to do and if anypony reads this letter and would like to comment, please feel free to do so. But I want to here from you personally Princess Celestia. Hopefully this letter reaches you in a prompt manner.
I'm Your Humble Subject,
Sean Silvermane