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by on August 31, 2020
Inspired on a song of the same title but in another language:
These last months after I returned to RP and CA, it gave me more time to think on some stuff. But mainly the lack of rping in this site and many others around.
And you maybe asking, how all of this is related to the title? well the answer is simple, this is the answer I have gotten in the last months with ppl that tired to RP with me in way or another they just said this, but in the end could not find any enjoyment while playing with me and my character. I guess I'm too old for this or maybe no one likes how I do I write my character anymore.
I been thinking to closing again since there is really no wants to RP with me, wondering if I should just close again, since no new players will ever come, there is no point to wait I guess?
The other ones that I have are coming to an end and I doubt they will want to keep going, or they are just slowing down their responses, so for all of you washed up rolleplayers out there that were in this same situation or similar in some way, what did you do with all your work? what did you do with all you had and all those stories you could not longer share?
Did you just simply quit? or what did you do?
I guess this is more of a ranting letter,
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Chiller Sway
I am fortunate enough to have friendly relationships with several of the people I roleplay with (an ever-shrinking list, yes. Though that's at least partially my fault for not branching out to new RP partners the past months). So them kinda dropping a roleplay is never permanent, hehe~ The main thin...View More
I gotta say thanks for answering me, but this dosen't seem like an answer to me tbh, just my opinon
Chiller Sway
There's a reason for that, noone knows the right answer but you. I gave an example of what I do when I feel I don't have much RP. Go through the same thought process for yourself and find what's right for you. It might have to take time though.
There is nothing to be done. They just have to be retired and archived. I actually have a site that I have been using to archive RP characters and their stories, it's a fat lot of work when you're archiving 10 years worth.
so you stopped rping all together?
I've done it three times in the past now. What I did each time was basically shelf each universe and make a new one, or make a new generation of characters that were kids of the last. Once you build up trauma around characters it's hard to use them again.