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by on September 5, 2020
What if we got pick the day we died
Got to choose the day we were unborn
Instead of having to wait our entire lives
‘Til our minds are tired and bodies are worn
“Another person killed themselves today, how sad”
No longer would be heard
Instead we’d have ourselves a world
Where suicide was not a dirty word.
Every milestone in life we commemorate
Birth, marriage and graduation
So why shouldn’t the voluntary end of the line
Be also cause for celebration?
Imagine a party for friends and family
Where best accomplishments are discussed
A toast and a smile to the gifts left behind
Not an empty room with the stench of disgust.
Therapists for heads, physicians for bodies
A solution exists for all our pain
So why can’t we just sit down and realize
That the nonexistence of Death is but another thing to gain
No agency exists for your own creation
And society directs your footsteps around every bend
The greatest true freedom we have in life
Is the ability to decide our own end.
Amity Guard
Dia de los muertos/Memorial day but for the individual