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Sean Silvermane
by on September 10, 2020
I was approached by many about my past.
It's hard due to the fact my entire family was wiped out.
But as much as it hurts, it's time to tell people the truth about myself.
My name is Sean Silvermane. But here's what you don't know.
I'm a prince. Yup, you heard that right. I'm a prince of a place called The Oasis. A city located to the south of Equestria, in an area called the Badlands. A desert most harsh and inhospitable.
If some of you don't know where The Oasis is.... Good. There's a reason why it faded from memory. You see... 65 years ago. The city was ransacked by a band or Changlings lead at the time by Princess Chrysalsis. Not only did they pillage and destroy... buy they murdered. They killed 3600 innocent ponies. Including my mother Queen Onyx, My sister Misty Midnight and my brother Bastion.
I was the sole survivor of the attack. I ran at the request of my mom. As I did, I saw ponies die and fall before me. I promised that one day that I'd return.
I grabbed a familiar book from a desk in my mothers room shortly before I made my escape. It had a dark purple diamond on it and had my mothers name. Sure enough, it was my mom's journal. I ran out of the castle with the book in my saddle bag along with food for the journy to Canterlot.
Now here I sit. Reading all the journal entries that my mom had wrote most of my young life. Wishing one day to return to the castle and the city that I called home for most of my youth.