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Duchess Chrysalis and Mirror Thorax
by on September 12, 2020
Spoilers for No Straight Roads below continue if you dare!:
So I had an odd idea after seeing gameplay of a game called No Straight Roads or N.S.R. for short. I figured why not make the bosses into Pokemon. So here is a list of them as Pokemon these are based on personality.
Dj Subatomic Supernova :Metagross/Alakazam :( due to his high intelligence)
Sayu :phase one and two Brionne/ shiny Brionne, phase three Primarina, final phase Feebas: (because she's digital she has different forms.)
Sayu's creators have Pokemon counterparts too btw and they are as follows: artist Smeargle, movement Lombre,editor Kadabra, vox/singing vox Togetic.
Yinu :Phantump or Roselia, Her mother could be a Trevenant.:
1010 : unknown, I am not sure about the robo boy band themselves but the manager will be a Magnazone:(the machine that summons the replacements is the same though)
Eve :a Gardevoir who learned illusions:
As for the final boss Tatiana she could be a talonflame or a charizard due to her past, Which I won't say here.
That's all. Sorry for the spoilers...
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Duchess Chrysalis and Mirror Thorax
// I'll update this eventually.