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Lord Brimstone
by on September 19, 2020
Brimstone would have been there for what felt like years. It has only been one year since he was taken to the ground. He couldn't feel anything... He couldn't move... He could hardly think... He would just stare into the night sky. His body was mostly decomposed but his body kept refusing. Keep going... Get up... They need you. He couldn't... He couldn't help them now. His skin was mostly a messy puddle and his bones were exposed. The flies had a field day and the worms were happy. His face was almost completely a skull and it was a surprise that his eyes haven't fallen into his skull...
He had felt like he was falling and falling right into a bar seat. He sat there. His fur was white and golden. He was a hero and championed him as such. Free drinks for all. He would look at a female next to him as he would talk to her. She was beautiful. A mellow blue mare that had green emerald eyes. She would laugh and he would too. They would go home together and they got acquainted. He would meet her parents and met his new family. Jump a few years and see a happily married couple expecting children. Two children. One bared the fur of the father and one the eyes of the mother.
Angelus was a legend among monster hunters and the locals alike. Invented a new fighting technique involving switching armor styles mid-fight. He was a local hero. A side effect, horns grew in his head abnormally then out. People's fears aroused and an answer would be demanded. Was it the devil? Or a new evil erupting? Angelus's family was sold for a family of witches. A family has broken apart by the same people who said they loved them. Angelus would burn for the devil he was. Maria, his wife, would run far away from the whole thing but not unscathed. Two children sold to maniacs who experimented with children. Amy Shulziker and Enid Shulziker.
The demon grew within brimstone and burned the ones who burned him. Brimstone would delve down to hell for taking the words of the devil. Became an Imp slave. The Imp slave would grow and steal the souls of hell to grow and grow. He would rally the imps of hell to break the walls the kept them down. Escaped victorious. A demon off the chain. He would rally the demons and monsters alike. He would meet his wife again in a state of disrepair but they felt their love come back again.
He would build a castle for monsters to take refuge. He would become the very thing he once hunted. He would fight for monsters to have rights. He would meet his daughter one last time...
He would fall to the ground. A king undying. Forced to lay in shame for his transgressions. Forced to feel left out of the plight for others. He would stare up... Undying but unlike any king... This king fell the hardest. He was known as the Undying King. For his curse was the ability to not feel...
An old man would shut a book that had a golden crest on it that had the words "Book of demons" on it. The chapter of the Undying King. An old man who laid in his bed would look over at some children at sat in awe. They would ask. "Awe! Grandpa can you read it again?! Huh?" The old man raised and hoof and said. "Only once today. Grandpa is tired. Let me have some rest." The old man would nuzzle himself in his doctor's bed. His vitals beeps regularly.
The two kids would hug on him and he would grunt at the speed of the children as they hugged him. They would leave and say. "Bye Grandpa!" The old man would look and say nothing but they knew he meant bye. He would grab a picture with him and his team. Angelus and the other four. The now graying brown old-timer would touch his beard for a moment as he inspected the picture.
He would stare at angelus as his eyes would start to water. Tears ran down his face and onto the picture. He would touch the picture as he would cry... The old man would say. "I am sorry, my old friend. I haven't cried for you enough and it will never be enough. I didn't mean it and you know it. We were kids but I ruined you." He would hug the picture. "I'm so sorry." He would hold the picture in his arms to his chest. "I only wanted more and in my want for more... I lost the most important thing. My best friend." He would cry for his friend. He wanted to see him and set himself straight.
It never did feel right. They never felt right again.