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Chiara Riviera
by on September 28, 2021
Bridlely hadn’t been much, especially in the seaside town on the riviera. Days had been spent well-warmed by the sun and full of laughter, chasing after her friends along the sea. Life had been good, albeit filled with minute struggles, full of long days ending with her sleeping on the bar at her mother’s job, well into the earliest hours of the morning. It hadn’t been much, but it’d been home. Chiara liked home
Until it wasn’t.
The news of “moving day” had been something the filly wasn’t supposed to hear -- overheard between her mother and the fellow cooks in their restaurant. The shouting was what had drawn her, about how the “restaurant was f//ked without it’s best cook”. Her world came crashing down.
The news hurt. Primavera and Chiara were leaving Bridlely for a place called “Equestria”, all the way across the sea. a very young Chiara couldn’t believe her too-large ears. Leaving? Why would they want to leave a beautiful town? The riviera was a wonderful sight to wake up to, and the days were full of sun and warmth. Chiara hardly used the word “perfect”, but the seaside town was arguably the textbook definition.
-- -- --
The day she was to leave came all-too quickly for Chiara Riviera. she had loved the riviera to the point where she’d taken her last half of her name to reflect that love. The tradition of picking the last half of one’s name became bittersweet, for the young filly had chosen her name only a few months before her inevitable departure, on her sixth birthday.
To the young filly, it felt as if she’d been punished in a way. Why did she have to go with her mom? Why wasn’t the Riviera enough? she’d kept repeating this over and over in her head, as she was stuffed onto an all-too crowded boat after not even getting a reasonable amount of time to say goodbye to her Nonno, her grandfather.
All she’d have to remember him was an old headdress, now used as a scarf for the all-too small filly. She didn’t want to go, not at all. It was warm here, familiar, and it was all she’d known for her six years of her life. And now it was gone.
She stared at the ever-fading Riviera-side town with tears streaming down her orange coat, crying out to her mother about leaving. She didn’t want to! This was unfair! She was crying all of these out and more to her mother, who could only look away with a sad look. The filly named after her beloved Riviera no longer lived there. What was there left for her?
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Chiara Riviera