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Moonlight Sniper
by on November 15, 2021
I don't know how to start this, but one thing that you should know is struggle, growing up in a tent with my Dad (a struggling musician named *Dimebag Medley) we were very close but at some point he started to have recurring nightmares about his past, which I completely understood.
He bought me my first guitar when I was little, not so that I can follow his hoof steps, but because he knew that one day, our luck would run out. Unfortunately, that time came when we had to sell our house and I had to leave all the good memories we had.
A few months we spent on a tent which we both barely fit through, I had to play locally just to support ourselves as well as working in a bakery (which explains my love for cheese sandwiches).
We've lived like this for years, until at 18 I went around Equestria, playing wherever, whenever. All while carrying the box in which my guitar came in which I used to protect myself from the rain, another box full of cheese sandwiches (I stole the cheese), a sign that said "Will play for bits" that my dad had, and my guitar. I met some friendly ponies along the way, but they were just faces that soon I'll end up forgetting.
(I made this just for fun, but also I made this because of what some people do when they are faced with tough decisions, I came up with the storyline in my sleep (It sounds like a fan fiction if you think about it), its a bit personal to me but I decided to have the guts to share it). *The name was inspired by Pantera's guitarist, the late Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P Dimebag).
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