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King Artemis
by on December 27, 2021
Part one of a breakdown of the Canon set for Artemis
1133 years ago: Beginning of the United Era
Prince Astral Luminous of the Dark Kingdom had married Princess Haru Icarus of the Light Kingdom. Their marriage would set the formation for the unification of a new kingdom. A sole Kingdom to rule over the land of Equestria. Due to disagreement and threats through both kingdoms, the now King and Queen were allowed to marry only by agreeing to wait a hundred years before starting a family. This was in hopes that they'd back out of their marriage plans. To the disappointment of both Kingdoms, the two accept the conditions, agreeing to wait a hundred years before attempting a foal.
50 years after
News of King Astral's Father's passing is heard. King Astral leaves his Kingdom for three weeks, leaving his wife as overseer, while he returns to his homeland to deal with family issues. Upon his return, Queen Haru would start to notice a difference in behavior with her husband. His aggression, cunning thinking, and merciless charges have started to become noticed. Along side that, a hunger for Power and Control. King Astral would become obsessed with the idea of gaining more power and controlling his subjects. Along side this, he started to focus on mastering his unique talent in Arcane/Dark Magic. Countering her husband, deciding to be on the cautious side of things, Queen Haru would invest time in perfecting her Pure/Light Magic. The next few months were the worst times for the Rulers as the King became ruthless and powerful in his rule. Yet, he was always stopped from causing severe damage due to his wife's interference of Rule. The pattern would continue for a few more years until King Astral seemed to migrate back to his old, patient ways. No longer seeking power or control, he seemed a different stallion.
101 years after marriage:
Haru was gifted her first Son from the universe above. Having the same colored coat and mane of his Mother's Sun like mane and Snow White coat, the foal was named Solaris Icarus. Haru would state, "The worlds have gifted a new light upon myself. A bright face to lead me through the darkness. He shall grow. He shall shine bright. He shall blind all with his purity. He shall lead future eras into new ages.".
King Astral would hold his son for the first time, showing joy and excitement.
2 years after:
Haru would be gifted a Son once more. Having the same colored coat and mane of his Father's Dark Blue coat and Blue mane, the foal was named Artemis Luminous. Haru would state, "Another gift the worlds have bestowed upon me. A shadow to shade me from my insecurities. A darkness to humble my confidence. He shall grow. He shall reveal his cold breeze through the land. Quieting all that stand opposed to his wishes and visions. His darkness overshadowing the Kingdoms doubts."
King Astral would hold his second son for the first time, showing concern and fear.....
2 days after:
The King would declare the banishment of Arcane use. All meaning and levels of Arcane were now forbidden in the Kingdom of Equestria. The uses of Arcane, Dark, Dream, Necro, Conjuring, and many more were now limited to only special case citizens or specially authorized officials.
Artemis' Growth: Age 3
While hungry for food, Artemis would perform a levitation spell in order to snatch a fruit off of a nearby table. Upon levitating the fruit, it began to rot inside the magic field, soon dropping to the ground with a squish. Artemis cried out as his father observed what happened with heavy fear. The Father vowed that day, "My son possesses my magic.... My son possesses my Arcane..... My son possesses my Darkness.... And upon my death? He'll inherit my Demon.... One of my two sons. One that I love and devote my life to do so. One that I sacrifice for. My a threat. A danger. An unknown possible evil. An evil that I swore to never aide again. An evil that I will never aide again."
Artemis was prohibited from using his magic.
Artemis' Growth: Age 12
Artemis would stare with jealousy, watching his mother instruct his oldest brother in using his Light Magic. Artemis watched with jealousy as he watched his Father praise his Brother's magical talent. Artemis....was envious of his Brother.
Artemis' hatred towards his Father began.
Artemis would train in combat alongside his brother. Artemis trained in deception and speed. Solaris trained in strength and strategy. Both became masters in their combat ability over time. However Solaris was the only one trained in his his Father's knowledge.
Queen Haru had began giving Artemis secret training in his magic abilities. Going behind her husband's wishes, she would enlist the services of court wizards in training her son in the Arcane Arts. Artemis was now equal to his brother.
Artemis' Growth: Age 15
Artemis and his Brother are told of their future inheritance. King Astral begins his blessing towards his sons. His wishes towards his son. Solaris was declared to inherit the Kingdom from his Father upon his death. Showing the courage, training, study, and knowledge to be a leader. A King. Solaris was spoken this. Rightfully earned was his future.
Artemis was declared his Brother's support. His backbone. Artemis was told that with his deceptive mind and critical thinking, he'd make a wonderful advisor Prince to the King. His Brother. He was told that his leading skills weren't his strongest talents. But his adaptability was his wild card. Artemis....was no longer equal to his brother.
Artemis' hatred towards his father grew.
Artemis' Growth: Age 16
Queen Haru had fallen ill from a mysterious sickness. A sickness powerful enough to bedridden a Alicorn for days. The wizards spent weeks to months searching for a solution to cure the sickness. Artemis spent days upon days with her. Talking with her. Speaking his grief. Venting his anger. Sobbing his sadness. He spent months with her. All waited for a cure.
Queen Haru passed in a years time.
Artemis' Growth: Age 17
Artemis' hatred for his Father grew.
The King had become depressed and isolated. He no longer accepted the company of his Sons, wishing to spend his days alone. His duty as King was no longer a possibility. His responsibilities were no longer a matter. He was no longer a King. He was a Stallion without a spouse.
Solaris was soon transitioned into taking over his Father's duties. Having no time to mourn. He was instructed to pick up where his Father left off.
Artemis mourned his Mother's passing.
Artemis' Envy for his brother began.
Artemis' Growth: Age 18
The King had passed on from the world....his sadness driving him to cause his end.
Solaris mourned his Father's passing.
Artemis' hatred for his Father peaked.....
Artemis' Growth: Two months after
Artemis started getting visited by a dark entity in his dreams. The entity appeared after every nightmare Artemis had every night. Nightmares he had consisted of his Mother's death. His Father's disgust in him. His Brother's taunting of being a ruler. All nightmares that struck at Artemis' fears. Fears that twisted his reality from the actual truth of each situation. Artemis became angry towards his Father's actions. And he became envious of his Brother's position.
"Wouldn't it be time for you to achieve what is deserving?" "Are thou not a Prince in his own right?" "Are thou not the Son of King Astral. Dark King and master of all things Arcane?" "Does thou not know his potential? Or has thou's potential been hidden from him all his life?"
Artemis hears these words three more days. Three more days, after each nightmare. The entity would never fail to repeat itself.
"Why is such a creature haunting me? What have I done to award this harassment? Can't you see that I'm already at my lowest? My parents are dead. My Brother is distant and fulfilling his purpose. I'm fulfilling my purpose. Being his support. Being his backbone. You repeat your words. Your phrases. Repeat after each nightmare I encounter. However, I believe my nightmares are mistaken in identity. For you! You are my Nightmare!"
"If that is the name you wish to give me, it's a name I'll accept. For your Father? He wished me no name. Even after I gave him Arcane power. Even after I helped mold his Kingdom. He took me. Casted me aside. And locked me away. For to you I am your Nightmare. But to him? I was his demon....."
"And what is it my deceased Father's demon wants from myself?"
"Who ever spoke of wanting something? As if I choose to be here? As if I decide where I go? I don't make such decisions.. I don't make such calls... Of course that doesn't mean I can't get what I'm owed. Yet, I'm no demon. I won't take what is owed. I'll only ask. Do you desire to take your Brother's position? Do you desire to prove yourself correct? Do you desire to rule? For what good is being a backbone? What good is fulfilling a purpose? When you don't even want to?"
".....I'm listening....."
"It's all I ask. For I won't force. I'll only encourage. Use my power with your power. Your Arcane with my Arcane. For I am one that it limitless in Arcane potential. I am one that is limitless in Arcane power. I'll give you all my power. All my potential. The power to rule. The power to stand above your Brother. The power to show the World....what you deserve. Be more then what fate decides for you. Be more then what you expect your destiny to be. Change your fate. Let me bind myself to your soul. Become equal once more to your Brother. Become....Better~"
Two nights later: The Beginning of Nightmare Moon's Era
To Be Continued........
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