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Lucid Melody
by on January 5, 2022
*Bare with me, this is my first big story lore post, ya nerds.*
It was a wave of dopamine that washed over her as her warm cup of tea hit her lips, the perfect thing to have during the cold season. Especially in the comfy setting at her favorite Canterlot café, on the plush leather couch, with her notebook in front of her. She was out by herself, hashing out ideas for new songs and even having some lyrics and notes already jotted down with pen.
Lu's horn glowed a plum hue as she took a sip and set her cup down on the coffee table in the middle of the cafe's lounge area. It had actually been a while since she had done any work other than endorsements, she was well over due something new and she was feeling the pressure lately.
The calm setting being enough for her to mask her panic and anxiety for her to focus on getting something done. She had to get something done soon. She would admit only to herself that she had gotten lazy recently
Non were paying attention to her except for one. An Older unicorn stallion with a snowy white coat and dark pale blue mane with a short matching neatly trimmed beard. He had those aged silver hairs scattered through his mane that was short and wavy His beard didn't however, he probably dyed it. His figure was tall and fit, dressed in an expensive tailored suit. Of course being in inner city Canterlot, that wasn't off putting in the setting. Standing over at the counter waiting for his order, he had his amethyst eyes locked on her until he was given his to go bag and cup. Making his way over the singer almost immediately after, "Ms. Melody?" he approached with his rough yet proper voice in a hushed tone.
Lu looked up and met his eyes, "Can I help you?" She asked softly, keeping quiet in return.
"Apologies, it has been a long time since we last say each other. You were just up to my knees last I saw you. My name is Mr.-"
"Sterling Thornton.. I remember, you were my mother's manager ever since before she had me. I almost didn't recognize you with all the aging." She playfully bantered, getting too her hooves she gave her old family friend a quick welcoming hug.
"Ha, funny girl. Its has been a long time, you've grown quite well. I heard you are also getting into the music business but hit a bit of a plateau. What have you been up to lately?" The stallion returned the hug by giving her a slight shoulder pat.
Her gut churned, adding to the anxiety when he mentioned her hitting a plateau in her career. "I had a strong start and wanted to ride it for a while before continuing but then I got some flak for my choice in stallions." she said with an a gentle eye roll.
"I heard about that as well, His family is wealthy in money and drama and your popularity mixed real well for the press." Sterling responded with a quiet disappointment. "Who is your current manager? I bet they blew they head off at you."
Lu's ears turned back a bit for a brief moment before letting out a defeated chuckle "I don't have one, figured I could do it myself. I had been doing real well up until recently. Only a few slip ups.. no big deal."
"Did you lose and endorsements from those incidents?", He ask.
"Only two, I still have plenty keeping me living comfortable." she quickly responded
"That's two, too many, girl." he quietly retorted in response to her snippy response. "..Look, I have a meeting soon and still have to eat, take my information card and give me a call incase you decide you need a manager to show you how to do things the right way." Sterling told Lucid, using his magic to slip a business card from the pocket of his suit and place it onto her note book "Your star was strong, but it could of been stronger. ..I can make that happen."
Lucid's eyes followed and stared at the card after he placed it on her note book. His hushed words were dull but cut her deeper than a sharp knife. He was right, and she knew very well. Her nose wrinkled a bit with the brief look of disgust on her lips that turned into a light sneer. Mr. Sterling took his things and made his exit, leaving the café. Lu was left, staring at the business card for a few moments longer before she decided to grab her own things and make her way back to Cynbel's home where she was staying more frequently at now.
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Cynbel Ferode
LUCID LORE, I'm screaming and crying i want more lucid lore
Lucid Melody
Could build a wall post with Cynbel after this one 👌🏼
Cynbel Ferode