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King Artemis
by on April 16, 2022
Before the reader of this journal starts their journey into the personal dairy that is in these pages? I'd like to inform you of a few things. The daily life and expectations of a Lunar is a constant danger. Our purpose of becoming, training, and fighting is for our Kingdom. As well as for the rulers of our Kingdom. And because these things are such high importance, they are also extremely dangerous. So much so that the expectation of death is something to never ignore. Death is apparent and rapid in this line of work. You may not read about it in the newspapers, but it happens more then the Kingdom will expect you to believe. So please keep in mind what you read is real and on a level of personal. Us Lunars once every few years make these Life Journals for the purpose of telling our stories. For we never know when our next story will be our last. I caution you to show respect and to not regard this a simple diary. This is parts of an individuals life.
My name is Kirrasandra Moon. My species is categorized under batpony. My coat is of light grey and my wings a deeper grey. My only stand out features would be my eyes and mane. My eyes are considered to be a deep amber, while my mane is consistent of an autumn category of color. Such as the color of leaves during fall. I am the youngest Head Lunar in the history of the Lunar Division of Artemis. Along side this title, I am also the adopted daughter of the King of Darkness himself. My roles in my field stretch farther than any in my own division. Being Head Lunar, I carry the weight and stress of the whole division on my back. And in turn, carry said division to the glory our King expects it to be. My job is not easy. My job is not glamorous. My job comes with high discipline and responsibility. My name is Kirrasandra Moon. And this is my Life Journal.
Let me run you through the beginning of my life. The beginning of where I believe my life actually started. A six year old Kirra in the Canterlot Orphanage. This is the beginning of my life. The starting point to where I am now. I had lost both my parents at the age of six years old. From what I was told? Sickness. Some terrible fever that spread through the lower districts of Canterlot. Thinking on it now? I'm not entirely sure if it was true. Perhaps a deadly fever was quite possible. Or maybe my parents got in with some bad groups, causing their end. Or perhaps they were under the influence of illegal substance use. I don't know. And at this stage in my life? I don't think I should care enough to find out. No, my life starts at the orphanage for a reason. Those seven years are at the orphanage are the building blocks as to who I am.
I was quite a bad seed. Still am to some degree. However, my childhood showed more of these traits then my adult life. To clear up some expectations you might be conjuring? Canterlot Orphanage is one of the most well respected and caring centers in the city. Still is to this very day. Life wasn't hell at the orphanage. It was an honest and positive environment. The problem was me more then the orphanage. If I could describe myself in one word? That word would simply be "Rebellious". Why was I such a rebel heart? Couldn't tell ya. I just always was in those days of my childhood. What things did I do in order to cause hardship in that orphanage for my seven years of being there? Here's a short list.
Sneaking Out
Starting Fights
Ending Fights
Breaking in of Private Property
Public Acts of Violence
Skipping School
The list is very easy to continue. But you are getting the point, I'm sure. Kirrasandra = Bad Seed. Anways, I gave the orphanage quite the problem during my seven years of being under their care. I'm honestly surprised that they never kicked me out or left me to the streets. I would've deserved it. Even if I was young. But, no. They were all patient with my growth. Possibly more then they believed they could be with such a she devil around them. my seven years of being there? They wouldn't have to look out for my much longer.
On a stormy day in the city Canterlot? My life would change forever. Thirteen years old. I was the oldest orphan at the orphanage at the time. Reason? Was never adopted. Why? Bad Seed. Moving on, I had snuck out once more. It had become of routine habit at this point. Sneak out, cause shit, sneak back in, get in trouble. You could almost make a schedule of how often I had done it. Yet, it was on that day? That very day that sneaking out was one of the best benefits of my life. Rain started pouring hard. Extremely, so much so that I would have no choice, but to take cover under some table that was left outside for some purpose. I was a few miles away from the orphanage, clearly not going near it anytime soon. It was only then when I realized I'd be taking cover under a table for awhile that....he appeared. He had those royal hooves. You know the type. The fancy horseshoetype things that have expensive metal and a Royal crest on them? That was the first sign that somepony important was standing in front of me. And out of my curiosity? I peaked out from under the table to look at the stranger in front of me. Prince Artemis. THE Prince Artemis. No mistake in identify. Everypony in Canterlot knew of the Night Prince. I was in so much shock. Seeing the Prince up close and in front of me. My shock was so overwhelming that I couldn't be disgusted that a stallion was in my presence.
At this moment, it is important to point out a strong strength about myself. Most call it a flaw. But apples and oranges right? I hate stallions. I hate males. The male species as a whole is nothing more then a disgusting front on the world. I won't be giving my reasonings as to why I hate stallions. That's for me and a select few to know. But, just in context of this story, I'm relaying my hatred of the male species.
Back to what was going on with my thirteen year old self. I wasn't sure what was going on. Why was the Prince out and about? Don't they stay locked away in their Castle of riches and wealth? Why was he in this area of Canterlot? These questions kept coming to me as I stared. It was then that he spoke. "Tables aren't the most convenient source of cover, My Dear. Have you tried going inside?" is what he first said to me. It was only when he spoke to me that I was reminded of my hatred towards the male gender. I attempted a hiss, but it was probably too adorable to be considered scary. The Prince was unfazed. I remember that. It was only when another pony with him step beside him that I felt calm. A mare. Batpony such as myself. She was wearing Lunar Armor, though I wasn't even sure of what the Lunars were at the time.
I don't exactly remember how long I was under that table, refusing to come out and take refuge under the umbrella provided by the Lunar. It must have been a good hour or two. That long in the rain, talking with a nopony like me. Yet...he stayed the whole time. Didn't want to leave until he knew I was going to be okay. It took a lot of effort to get me talking. I mainly spoke with the Lunar. Explaining where I was from and how I ended up where I was now. From it? life changed that afternoon.
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King Artemis
The Life Journal of Kirra Moon. This is part one of Lore Blogs based around this specific Lunar. Others will be posted in the future. Tell me your first few thoughts on Kirra.
Like April 16, 2022
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Very interesting!
Like April 16, 2022
Queen Lesa
So it begins~ 🍿 Very nice. 1f642.png
Like April 18, 2022
King Artemis
It begins indeed.
Like April 18, 2022
Lavender Lily
// I swear it's like looking into the endless depth of the sea when I think about the story you've got going. A+ as usual. Though I have to admit the way Kirra describes herself gets on my nerves. Bad Seed indeed, I'm looking forward to reading about her growth as she matured.
Like April 18, 2022
King Artemis
Kirra Moon is quite a complex character. Very happy you find been interesting. A flawed mare, but one that is of high importance with the Artemis Character.
Like April 18, 2022