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Demonic H Hooves
by on June 15, 2022
I don't know how to structure this madness of a post, so i'm not. lets get started
On apple jacks farm, she has; sheep, pigs, dairy cows and chickens. we will come back to the chickens and pigs latter, right now we need to talk about the sheep and cows
the reason being is, both the sheep and cows are shown to be just as sentient and smart as the other races in mlp. A good example is the bison, they're seen as their own sentient race that's allowed to live free. or better yet the yaks who have their own land
So. . . Dose does applejack just _own_ them? This sorta matters for dairy cows only make milk when pregnant and when nursing. and in this clip (( )) there is ONLY females. Meaning they are forced to breed and lose their kids all year round. is she turning them all into veal?
She must own them, for the sheep are forced into pens, and when a sheep is like "bruh, you could of just asked us" she just SLAMS the door on it's slave face! NO respect. No fucks given
and make no mistake, they ARE making milk. they got milkshakes and pinky even talks about glasses of milk. and meat IS being eaten, for there is dogs, cats, alligators and more! so there is a NEED for meat
So would a cow really be chill with losing their kids all the time? would sheep be chill with being shaven naked? hell no!
so we got a pony with a fucking SOUTHERN ACCENT selling kids, enslaving sentient life and murdering animals. notably the pigs for they don't "produce" anything, they are grown for meat.
this is why applejack is the worst waifu
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Smoke (Obsilion)
Yo...I think you're reading too deep...but that's fuckin crazy XD
Shh, it's demonic we're talking about here. He shitposts to the max, it's just what he does.
Icy Creation
It's possible the pigs aren't sapient, nowhere in the show or comics is a pig shown speaking. Nor with chickens. So the meat animals are fine, normal, although probably not used for meat. Because ponies are never shown eating meat, again, comics or show. You might have a point with the sheep. Howev...View More
Demonic H Hooves
1. i never said the pigs are sentient 2. the meat is for the pets, like applejack's dog 3. slave in the real world were still sometimes allowed to leave. maybe she's a caring slave owner?
Icy Creation
Slaves in the real world were also not paid, if I recall Daisy Joe would have no reason to 'pick up some cookies to go with your milk' from Sugarcube Corner without money. I could be wrong, I've never much looked into this section of history, but I'm going off what I remember. And yeah fair on the ...View More
My headcanon is that ponies do, in fact, eat meat. Or at the very least, animal products such as cows milk, chicken eggs and other such foods. I mean, how can you make a good cake without eggs?