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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
by on September 1, 2022
(Hoo boy! Haven't done one of these in a hot minute. Welcome to For My Brothers, an episode themed after Veilbreaker, an update where a badass grineer clone gets a starring role. In this episode, it's gonna be a bit special. We're gonna have 2 different paths that combine into one for one epic finale. I will specify which chapter has which path. The overall plot? Kahl-175 has broken free from his veil from Sentient Reign. He sets out to find his grineer brothers and eventually meets up with Stickman and his friends in their Warframes. They team up and eventually learn of something horrifying that could change the Cartoon Universe... Enjoy! I'm publishing this now so you guys get a sneak peek of what's to come for each episodic friendship letter from here on out. Sit back, get some popcorn, its time to fight for our brothers. -Stickman)
Chapter 1: For my Brothers (Kahl's Side)
The episode opens to a murex in orbit of Equestria. Deep within it, a grineer grunt takes off his veil. It was none other than Kahl-175, a Grineer who fought valliantly during Sentient Reign. Kahl then heads off after hearing a roar. He fights sentients as he makes his way through the Murex. "Must find brothers." Kahl says. He tosses grenades after grenades at sentients as he makes his way through the Murex. After getting to a clearing devoid of Sentients, he starts setting up a distress signal. "Kahl. Find Help." The signal was sent.
Chapter 2: For my Brothers (USF Side)
In the HQ, Stickman and his friends were making their way to the seemingly abandoned Murex. "I haven't seen one of these in a while... Wonder why Daughter sent us out here." Jewel said. "Because she said that there was someone in there that knew of Narmer's leader. Apparently they haven't given up since we fought them during that war." Stickman answered. They brought it in for an approach. "I'm going in." Stickman said. Jewel pressed some buttons. "We'll keep an eye out. Call us when you're ready, brother. Be careful." Jewel said. Stickman got up from his seat, summoned his Lavos, and transferred into it. Out he went to the murex. "Can you hear me well?" Daughter said as she tried out her communications. "Loud and clear, Daughter." Stickman said. "The signal is coming from in here. See if you can boost it's signal so we can get a lock." Daughter said. Stickman then made his way through the Murex to head to a good place to boost the signal to triangulate it. "This seems like a good spot. Setting up link now." Stickman said. He sets down a signal and activates it. "Aaand... got it. You're good to go. Head out." Daughter said. Stickman nodded and heads out. He then gets stopped on his way out by sentients. "Welp... crap." Stickman said as he readied his Lavos's Cedo and Vastilok.
Chapter 3: The Assault (Kahl's Side)
Kahl gets the signal from Stickman, and Daughter is patched through. "A... A vat rat?! Oh great... Another thing I needed today..." Daughter said.
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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
And for those who are wondering about my Hollow Knight episode, do not worry. That is still being actively worked on. For My Brothers and The Performance of a Lifetime are my top priority for friendship letter episodes. Stay tuned!
Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Update: I'm gonna not be working on this until my computer has been returned to me, which is in 2 weeks. Reason why is my muscle memory is kinda crap when it comes to typing on my phone, and I'll get cramps. But fear not, I will be working on this as soon as I get my computer back.
Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Update 2: I have added more stuff for you guys to read! The full story will be coming later tonight for you guys to fully enjoy. Please keep an eye out! It'll be quite the read.