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by on December 17, 2022
Subject 13
The autonomy of the hidden person.
Hidden people are a suit manufactured by Sunnyside Inc. A company founded by the government and run by Shila Shulziker as a way to utilize experiments on people without the public knowing. The suit is made similarly to those of a chameleon. The idea that we can hide in plain sight. Using costumes and a few hallucinogenic fumes come off the suit.
There are only a few suits out there made for only a few authorized scientists: Shila Shulziker. Thomas Reid. Butchie Everdeen, and Corrigan Sins. These suits are in many forms. Butchie comes in the form of a backpack of various chemicals. Reid has a white emotional surgical reconstruction mask. A helmet with teeth painted into it. Shila is unique. Shila's was designed to instill fear in the hearts of villains. While Butchie's and Reid's were based on the idea of grandeur. These suits were originally designed to hypnotize people into a confession. However, they become a personal "mech". Making people think that they are bigger or more powerful than they are. These people were trained under the united states navy seals and various secret services members.
Then they were born into natural killers. Born anew. Their duties were to test these suits by going right into the fire. Often these pieces of clothing nearly radiate hallucinogenic fumes. While inside, there are many ways to avoid being caught in the fumes. Here are the symptoms of these pieces if inhaling for a long time:
Early setting Dimensia
Sociopathic behaviors
Random fits of violence
Hallucinogenic fits
Coloration or discoloration of the skin
Inhuman strength.
Fungal spores in the bloodstream
Obsessive Gaslighting
Savior Complex.
Obsessive Fear.
Loss of function in limbs.
Blood from Tear ducts.
Sometimes subjects can have brain bleeds or damage.
Sometimes the suit can force someone's brain to force them to harm others or themselves.
Loss sense of worth or meaning.
Loss of touch.
Color blindness.
Color Sensitivity.
Heart attacks.
Low blood sugar.
Brain Death.
Murderous rage.
Increase in drug use.
Increase in alcohol use.
DS0 translates to Death Suit Zero. This suit was the original and the finalized one is safer and more reliable. Skin tight.
The suit isn't cursed but some speculate that it is as none who wore it has ever lived but three who perfected it.
Do not come into contact with any of these people. They are HIGHLY DANGEROUS. If they come into contact:
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