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Svarlet Batfire and Spoof
by on January 15, 2023
First up is of course my main girl Svarlet Batfire! She is a precious baticorn. She is in many different AU's with many different ships, one of which she has 3 children! In her main AU she is just a simple baticorn who travels with her friends! She hangs out with Spoof the most. He is her most loyal companion.
Svarlet Batfire and Spoof by Alanah Perrone
Svarlet by Wolf_lover1227
Svarlet in Sunrise by me
Next is my Zorse, Zaramel! She is very quiet and rarely speaks. She is very friendly and tends to be the tie breaker whenever her friends try to make any decisions. Stallions are the last thing on her mind, despite their efforts. She does want a family someday though!
Zaramel and Squeak by Tea--Cupp on Art Fight
Zaramel Background by Gela98
Zaramel by Ania Radomyska
Third we have my boy Draven Stone! Let's just say he's comic relief. He acts SO gay despite being as straight as a railway. He flirts with all the stallions in a joking kind of way. He indeed found his own SSP though. He even has a daughter who tries to be like him but to mares!
Draven Stone by @WelpeZeichnet
Draven Stone by CreativeCocoaCookie
Draven Stone by Acry-Artwork
Next, we have Evergreen Penny. She is the silly one. Evergreen loves nature and tries to be all "Zen" but fails. She is so happy and likes to play with her pets! Her cat's name is Maple, and her dogs name is Spruce. Her tree also has a name! She named it Twigs after an old friend.
Evergreen and Twigs the Tree by Gabriela Borges
Evergreen Penny and Spruce by AnnaLizMec
Evergreen Penny and Maple by Samantha Rose
Fifth we have Spix! She likes to eat Pocky and likes strawberry themes. She is very kind, and I would say the most motherly and mature of the group. Spix rarely gets angry but when she does, she doesn't really look mad. Look at a bunny and try to imagine what they look like mad.
Spix by vinceesence
Spix Background by Galinn Arts
Spix by MObubbles
And now for Litha Petal! Can't say too much about her without giving away spoilers. She was given up at birth and raised by a tribe of ponies. The chief had taken her in as his own and she was shown how to be a princess. Let's just say she refused a lot they had to offer.
Litha Petal and her pet wolfdog Rosehip by AnnaLizMec
Litha Petal by Dusk Strider
Litha Petal by Pandorasia
Last but not least is the one and only DJ of the group, Cloud Hopper! A music pony who tends to annoy everypony. She is a DJ who specializes in 'cloud sounds' (haha SoundCloud) What she does is DJ's on clouds. Sometimes she hears sounds or imagines them when she feels the cloud.
Cloud Hopper by DoodleDj
Cloud Hopper by Kikuri-Tan
Cloud Hopper by Etozhexleb
My main 7 is a wonderful bunch of ponies. All the mares like to pick on the 1 stallion of course, and they all strive to explore the egg and keep the egg safe for all who live on it! Be it from other species or portals to dangerous places. This group is here to keep you safe!
Main 7 by AnnaLizMec
Personality Similarities:
Evergreen - Pinkie Pie/Fluttersy
Zaramel - Fluttershy
Spix - AJ
Svarlet - Twilight
Draven - Pinkie Pie
Litha - Rarity
Cloud Hopper - RD
They are not based on them nor are their personalities exactly the same.
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