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by on February 1, 2023
Death followed the creepy fella and the malnourished girl. Every so often ducking into the shadows. They eventually ducked into an alleyway and went into a side door which led into the back of an apartment complex. She would quickly grab the rusted door to slip in. Shila would slowly walk behind them and they went right at a hallway.
This went on for a solid 10 minutes before eventually reaching a utility closet. Shila would have went in but ut seemed like her neck was grabbed through the opening of door. She would grab his giant arm and start pummeling it while choking. The large old man would toss Death right out of a window into a dirty court yard.
It had a bunch of men and their girls there. Skimpy clothing to saggy pants. She would get up as Shila was bloodied and beaten from that throw. Shila shook her head as she looked to see them all surrounding her.
The creepy old guy pointed and said. "Your clothes... Off!" Death would touch her face with a grin. "Take me on a date first. " The old man would grimace as he said. "I ain't tellin you again. Take off the Halloween costume." He pops his knuckles.
Death would look away for a moment to say. "Alright. I'll take it off." Firstly, she put on some earbuds from inside her costume. She did some stretches. She laughed as she grabs the costumes chest to rip open the midsection. It revealed a contraption that had pins all through out.
"Welcome to my world!" She laughed as she pulled all the pins. It was loud like a bomb. Gas filled the entire court yard. Shila would start to dance in the middle of the court. The bloodshed started. All the fellas were fighting around her. It was hard to see but on occations you could see blood splatter or a gun shot.
The teenager would touch the mirror as she would run out toward the middle. The girl would cough from the gas and fall over. Her world was spinning. Her body got back up as Shila said.
"You're the girl of the hour! What's your name?" Shila asked.
The girl shook her head. Ashamed.
Shila looked at her eyes. One bright blue and another was green. She was starstruck.
"From now on your name is... Amy Shulziker. My daughter. I'm Shila Shulziker. An oddball." She would continue to groove. Amy just akwardly stared at her.
"Right. Need music to jam." She took out one ear bud and they would listen to some jams. Jam they did.
Is this the joy you felt thomas? How amusing.
Feel the violence! Mold yourself to this cruel world and begin to laugh at the pain. Amy...
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