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King Artemis
by on May 5, 2023
The Luminous Family.
History tells the full story.
A Noble and prestigious family that descends from the core bloodline of the Dark Kingdom. A family that for generations has crafted its way into the lands of Equestria. Whether it be influence or mere invention, The Luminous Family had found way to spread out and grow themselves into something more. Even still, the old ages were behind them all. No more were the harsh rumors or speculations of the family being descended from a great evil. The Dark Kingdom was still a taboo place amongst many outside its walls, but the Luminous family had made high efforts into changing that view.
Sadly, things would never be that simple.
For each generation of Luminous has one problem child.
Arcanic Identity Switch Disease.
This was the name of the disease the family had dubbed for centuries upon centuries. The reason the naming a disease is due to where it comes from. Every generation of Luminous, one specific male goes through an odd change. A change in their personality. A slight warp in their viewpoints. A terrible extreme in their goals. Their body language changes. Their form of speech changes. They speak in third rather then first person. They present themselves as a mere force of egotistical arrogance. They all......have extremely powerful Arcane magic.
Every one male from each generation that inherits this disease seems to have a high thing in common. Every male that has gotten this cursed disease has had a extremely high talent and tolerance for the Arcane Arts. This disease seemed to be Arcane related, but somehow attached to this bloodline. A curse almost. But history of their blood speaks of no curse being casted. And no amount of witches, gypsies, or priests can figure out the cause. For now? It had become the norm. The expectation that every generation, one that is powerful in Arcane, will take their turn in shifting with this disease.
If only they knew the truth.....
....It wasn't a disease.
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