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Father Brimstone
by on May 7, 2023
Castle of Bones. Once a well off lord lived here. It was over taken by Gargoyles. From a distance you can see them flying above the trees. Gargoyle's are giant and strength orientated. They feature broad bodies and can tower most people. Some can even be a long and thick as dragons.
Their qualities is that they often hang around deserted castles or have a customary bond with a king. In this my bond is with the princesses of Canterlot Castle. Bonds are formed when one or mutliple who reside in a castle ask for a Gargoyle's Strength.
The Gargoyle in question will do one of two things. A fight to death or a blood pact. Sharing blood willingly to a Gargoyle is dangerous. If one is willing then they will only take till full but in many cases... They get sucked entirely dry so this pact is entirely trust based. I am truely blessed to have 3 willing people to lend me their strength.
Their life. Their aspirations. Their love. It is then when I became one of the first to become apart of the Gargoyle Watch. I would become the only one. These bonds offer immense strength and magical prowess in some cases. Being that three alicorns had made pacts, you could imagine that is incredibly strong.
However, I am not large. Males are quite short and only female Gargoyle's can grow to dragon sizes. Like my mother. Quite frankly...
She's a huge bitch. Brim sighed as he stood in front of the castle. There she friggen was. What a damn eyesore. Her naked ass sat diligantly on the side of the castle like king king was gonna tip the whole ass kingdom. Well, once a kingdom.
Our family line is based our alchemy and planet. My mothers name was Lunar of Silver. One of my Brothers, Maris of Lead. Mine was Sulfurium and Sulfer doesn't have a planet so I was Brimstone instead. Sulfer is explosive... Probably. Either way, I am quite a black sheep.
My name is off. My abilities are disjointed and broad. There are two more unique qualities. Gargoyle's bodies are their magic tool. Unlike wands, horns, or scrolls, Gargoyle's use their body. I want fire? I burn a blaze of glory. Blood magics? I bleed endless rivers. Despite my amazing traits, I am smaller than most gargoyles and they tend to overwhelm me sometimes.
Our lineage is unique amingst the unique because they grow fur. My mother has a full mane. While most of us will grow spots. Mine is on my ears. The ladies love it. He thought proudly.
The giant woman would look down at him and two large gargoyles that were roughly the same size. One had fur on the fingers. The other on their wings. One male and one lady. They were sizing him up before laughing at him hysterically.
He itched his head. It was starting to get quite dark so his eyes would illuminate everything. It was Brimstone habitat. He didn't find all this funny. He puffed his cheeks grumbled. A voice in his head would ring. Mother it seemed. "Humble them, please." She said ever so gently. Her voice echoing in his head.
"Oh sure. I don't mind giving them a lession." He chuckled past their laughter. They would watch him as he took off his garb and his clothes. Scars were all over his body but the mist important was from his face down to his back. Also down his entire left arm. It flesh was exposed as it would glow from the heat rising.
The two would stop laughing and glare at him. Their faces were in awe. His face... By god... the entire right side was bone with melded flesh onto it. Clinging onto dear life. His body seemed like it was tortured with blades.
Now they were afraid. "Come on now! If I was so clueless I assumed you saw the devil before you. I am bad but certainly not a devil. I certainly burn like one though." His scars crackled and popped. Brims eyes would burn blood red.
Brim started running at them as they would get defensive. He would start laughing as he would burst into pure flames. Been a while. He start to run impressively fast. So quick the male Gargoyle didn't realize he went right under his legs. Brim just as quickly jumped back to spin kick the fella in the head. Sending the land barreling toward his sister. The girl caught the brother and threw him to the side to run at Brim.
"Size ain't everything, y'all. Didn't they mention that?" Steam came out of his mouth like an exhale. It's getting toasty. He would inhale and exhaled a breath of fire under her feet. This in which she would quickly jump around from the heat. Then suddenly Brimstone would jump up.
Brimstones feet crackled as an explosion happened under them. This would send him flying at her. He would do a spin with his arms out to hit her over the head. This hit would crater her head into the ground and him to the dirt. He lied there as his flames wouls simmer to nothing. Then...
He dozed off. Sleepy time it is.
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