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King Artemis
by on May 11, 2023
Pacing. It is what most males under the Luminous name was known for. Whenever they were nervous or stressed, they paced. It didn't matter the location or the environment. Whenever nervous, a good pace back and forth was in order. And for a certain Ruler, this was no exception. Especially for the special occasion that was taken place beyond the doors in front of him. This Ruler under the Luminous name was awaiting the news. It was happening once more. It had happened a few times already, but each time it happened, didn't weaken his nervousness. All he could do was wait. Wait and ponder. What if something goes wrong this time? What if a problem arises during the process. What if the one he loves in this world doesn't make it through....
"My Lord...."
The stallion's thoughts and pacing were interrupted by the voice of somepony next to him. Before him stood a maid, simply wearing a look of professionalism, but also hiding a face of relief and excitement.
"Did she?..." The stallion being referred to as 'Lord' was hesitant in his voice. His regal and royal attitude being non-present, instead being replaced by a simple creature sharing concern.
"She is awaiting you. You best make haste to her side. The naming ceremony can't begin without the Father." The maid gave her words with a bow, soon being shallowed out by the sounds of newborn crying coming from the now opened door in front of him.
The stallion gave a bright stare, a small glimpse of relief hitting his face, before disappearing to be replaced by a false look of calm. Happiness was abundant, but professionalism was still needed. He calmed his breathing as he entered the doors before him.
The sounds of crying seemed to fill the room as a moment of time was paused for a bit. The crying was nothing that could be considered bothersome or irking. Instead the sounds of newborn pitches showed a sign of healthy lungs. Lungs being used for the purpose of being able to use them. The crying was sourced to a large bed, whereupon a gorgeous mare was laid upon. She seemed calm and in bliss, ignoring the tired exhaustion that was upon her body. And in her hooves, was the true source of the crying.
An alicorn. One that showed a rather gorgeous show of color. A deep blue coat, equally a deeper blue in main. As if the Night Sky had been reincarnated has a being. As if the world had been blessed with a beauty of darkness. A gorgeous new born, letting the world hear their voice.
"Congratulations, Orion Luminous, My love~" Spoke the mare with a look of pure happiness. "The Dark Lord has granted us another beautiful son. One that truly rivals yours appearance~" She giggled in happiness, taking note that her love and her newborn son shared a similar experience. This wasn't her first son, but it was still her son. A son she'd swear to protect amongst her other children.
"Amaris, My sweet love. We've done it once more." Orion, the now named stallion, spoke with a vigor of pride and joy. "The Dark Lord has blessed our family once more. Another addition. One that will roam this world and claim what is desired of him. As is a Luminous. A force of world changing nature." His ego was almost humorous to the mare.
"Another son. I am a mare blessed fully by this world. Where the light takes away, the darkness gives. Truly, I'm the happiest mare in the world."
Orion would gently lift the newborn in his wings, noting the the newborns crying had ceased for a moment or so. "My son. My newest born son. One brought into the world through the privilege of love and arcane. You are one that will make impact in this world. One that would strive to change it. One that will create and destroy. One that will plant seeds towards your own children. Children that will also take charge into changing the world. You are the Future. You are the guidance to a fulfilling future. A future that will bend to you. So much so that the very stars will know your name. Cry out. Cry out loud.........!"
A name was chosen. This day marked the birth. The beginning of the gigantic shift known as Arcane Magic. The start of something that would shake and destroy the foundation of the Dark Kingdom.
The birth of Astral Luminous.
Future Greatest King of Equestria.
Future Greatest Arcane User.
Future Father of the Celestial Brothers
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Loving this morre and more!!! :3
Like May 11, 2023
King Artemis
More lore that reveals tinier bits of information that ends in the importance and context of the 'Grand Final' off the Castle story
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Oh, So It's kinda like Flashback's during the final arc to a show allowing the viewer to find out why the villian did their plan ? ^w^;
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King Artemis
It's more so flashback to cover the main theme of th Castle. Arcane Power. It covers the four main powers and how they connect. Somber, The First Power of Arcane... View More
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