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King Artemis
by on May 23, 2023
"I could think of a vast majority of places I rather be then here. This is utterly ridiculous." My passing thoughts seemed to be unchanged, regardless of the promises of fun and excitement. Nothing was going to be exciting about what I'm heading towards. A Royal's Party? A social gathering? A event that houses the biggest Royal families and gifted individuals for friendly conversation, all to cover up the real intentions of gaining information for a potential backstab in future events?
How utterly boring.
"Astral, Dear. You are grumbling. Grumbling isn't what Princes do. Grumbling is for peasants that have reasons to grumble. You have no place to grumble. Especially when you are being presented as the highest most power of Arcane for our Family and Kingdom." My Mother's words seemed to reach my ears, but my distaste for what awaited did not stop wavering. I am only present at this gathering due to my gift in Arcane. At only nineteen, I had surpassed my Father's abilities tenfold. I was the idol of this family, which meant that I must be presented as such. Either as pride or proudness. Regardless, it wasn't exactly a position I enjoyed. But I'll take what is given if it means growing my Arcane.
"Let's just get this over with....."
Seems a Royal Party wasn't something to just blink an eye at. As far as presentation goes? Things were mighty impressive. Stylish outfits, exotic food, tasteful beverages, and a wide variety of unique conversations. To think all current Kingdoms of the world were meeting together for social outing. How......strange to see in front of oneself. Griffons, Hippogriffs, Dragons, Sea Dwellers, Pegasi, Earths, and Unicorns. A vast variety of species also that I couldn't even include due to the ever growing list.
"You possess a great talent in arts of Darkness, no?" This question was presented to me by a odd creature. It looked like a pony, but....with black and white stripes. It wasn't a unique thing it seemed, as many others like this pony were present. I've read of these creatures. Something about Zeabras or along those line of speech.
"Yes, that is correct. My name is Prince Astral Luminous, Current Arcane Master in representation of the Dark Kingdom." I gave a bow, showing pride in my words.
"The Dark Kingdom has sent a representative? And at that one that is prestigious. Seems this gathering will become of interest then."
"I beg your pardon?" I felt challenged for some reason. Was I being challenged of my importance?
"Don't mind my words. Simply speaking out loud. I find it humorous that the Dark Kingdom sends there most powerful Royal in Dark Arts when in contrast to that, the Light Kingdom had sent their most powerful Royal in vast terms of Light magic."
"The Light Kingdom?....." My eyes followed the creatures pointed hoof. That's when my eyes were locked onto that I could only view as a daydream. What stood at the other end of the dining hall, having conversation with other Royals, was that of a angelic being. A coat as pure as snow. Eyes as soft as spring. A mane as fiery as the sun. A Pure soul amongst distasteful royals.
"Princess Haru....."
My greatest and most welcomed downfall.
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