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by on October 28, 2018
~Princess Celestia~
The former ruler of Equestria never saw herself doing much more than raising the sun for her loyal subjects, let alone becoming protector and sovereign over the entire Earth. However, Equestria's history had long been a series of unforeseen circumstances, and with her veteran knowledge and wisdom, as well as her deep magical prowess, few were as worthy to fill the horseshoes as Earth's protector and benefactor. Her policy in regards to all visitors to the Earth is still a policy of peace and tolerance, but only to a limit-she will not allow the Earth to be scarred once more.
~Princess Luna~
One would think Luna hesitant to be any closer to the moon than she need be, but night sky has always been her element and with the newest technology available to Earthlings, she is now swimming in a sea of dreams. While her sister is mostly concerned with the protection of the Earth and its inhabitants, Luna is placing a focus on the military and offensive matters of the planet, knowing war is inevitable. Making use of her former connections to the Nyx on the Moon, she has established a base there from which she can conduct her own operations...for good this time.
~Sweet Autumn~
A budding young pyrotechnical enthusiast who volunteered herself for the defense of Earth should the need arise, Sweet lives up to her name with her incorrigibly cheerful personality. She also has a penchant for consuming far too much candy and soda at any given time and passing out when she's avoided too much sleep. Her skill with her REX Pyro launcher is rather impressive for a mare her age.
A rather odd-looking and enigmatically silent mare...
~Trip Wire~
[Thanks to space*kid on tumblr for his pics and inspiration <3]
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Zero Suit Samus is hotter as a pony than a sorta-human.
You know, you're 100% right. And it's unfair.
What do you mean? Anything is better as pony.
Yes, but we cannot be pony T n T
*gives a small hug* I know... I know...
Silver Shield
Omg, marry me Celestia