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by on December 4, 2018
A little description of the locales of the Umbral Enclave.
The Lagoon
The east side of the city borders what is either a small sea or a large lake, it's impossible to tell as it ends at The Fog, from which no monsters have ventured have returned. Docks and buildings border this area for the more aquatically inclined, or those who just like the salty air and rank of dead fish...
The Black Market
When you're in the darkness, all markets are black markets! This is the general market where you can find anything from general goods to extra organs!
The Graveyard
Anywhere else but the Enclave, this would be a place of reverence and silence. In the Enclave, of course, it's merely the residence of the undead and spirited. It's free real estate!
The Mausoleum
Resting place of the mysterious sleeping mare dubbed "Mother", situated near the Graveyard.
The Pumpkin Patch
Bordering the edge of the Forest near the Graveyard, this place is a fun hangout!
The Library
Situated near the center of the city, stores everything from history to spell tomes...and a grumpy old archivist.
The Asylum
A place where the mentally unstable can check in for a safe haven to sequester themselves...or seek treatment. Results not guaranteed.
Topics: lore, setting, locales
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Huma Valentino
Very interesting indeed I must say
I'm actually going to try to create an OC for every location, to try and foster RP!
Huma Valentino
Looking forward to seeing it!
Eclipcia Darkmoon
This is really cool, Abby! Awesome work