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Glimmer Wing
by on December 22, 2018
Hello, my name is Glimmer Wing (please, just call me Glimmer) and I am the one who holds the Ancient Spirits of The Dark; Nyx. I am not sure why Nyx hose me to be its vessel, but the magical force has spoken and so I stand before all of you now. The Council of Spirits has been founded entirely by the decision of the Princesses, not I, so PLEASE stop sending me letters saying I have no governmental clout or that I, and I quote 'Am nothing but a flithy peasant of no royal blood, despite my flashiness'. Regarding my most asked question: No, I am not a 'Luna Replacement', she is still your ruler and I do not govern the Moon nor do I govern this country. As a councilmare, my input is needed to help with big decisions that are meant to help, aid, and protect Equestria in regarding things related to my abilities. I am NOT a vampire (please stop asking) and I am NOT Nightmare Moon. Thank you
Annoyedly yours,
Councilmare Glimmer
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