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by on February 7, 2019
Decided to make a doc with different characters I have available, both in-account and out of account.
(o) = RP'd
(x) = Background
~The Town~
Claire Voyant - Bookkeeper and Secretary (o)
Twitch - Inn Keep, owner of the Elytra (x)
Raven - Serial Killer and (o)
Scylla - Aquatic Horror (o)
~The Asylum~
The Doctor - Owner and Warden (o)
The Nurse - Assistant (x)
Subject V-001 - Vox - Inmate (x)
Subject S-076 - Soozey (x)
Subjects S-014 - Synapse (x)
~The Graveyard~
Phasma - Classical Specter (o)
Jacquellainterne - Dullahan (o)
Mother - ??? (x)
~The Dark Carnival~
The Undertaker - Showman and Schemer Extraordinaire! (o)
The Butcher - What the title says! (x)
~The Forest~
Niakoro - Witch Doctor (o)
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