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Svarlet Batfire
by on February 16, 2019
Okay so I have a lot of websites that you may get ahold of me on. Changes to this list may occur over time. Reasons you may need to get ahold of me for:
* Wanting/Recieving art
* Giving/Finished an art for me
* You are a well known friend of mine and trying to contact me
Things to know when contacting me on these websites:
~ If you message me on discord I will most likely invite you to my servers and I have maybe 5+ different ones.
~ I don't get on twitter very much but I still do so don't think I won't answer you.
~ Instagram is just like twitter for me. Also is extremely empty.
~ My Tumblr is empty. I literally don't have anything to put on it yet until I get my Batfire Productions shat going. Yay for The Journey To Fillyipsy! For more info please contact me on Discord or another of my active profiles!
~ Facebook if something I get on at least once or twice a day. Or at least I try.
~ If you think about contacting me on DeviantArt, then please read my profile first before you ask any questions.
~ My YouTube is dead. I will upload more often but for now I only have a rare amount of time.
-Discord: Svarlet Batfire#9075
-Twitter: Svarlet Batfire
-Instagram: svarletbatfire
-Tumblr: svarletbatfire
-Facebook: Svarlet Batfire
-DeviantArt: Svarlet Batfire
-YouTube: Batfire Productions