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by on March 12, 2019
Hi, you don't know me. I suppose not a lot of ponies know me or anyone for that matter...when I came to Equestria, I had heard that it was a fun place full of friendship and acceptance. Since I was born outside of Equestria, this was a glimmer of hope for me, but seems like that hope has been snuffed out. You see, my special talent is one that a lot of ponies would deem as destructive and while I don't blame's not all I am. I work with a lot of bombs and explosives and for everything beautiful I make, everyone just seems to ignore me. It hurts, because I thought I would be accepted, quirkiness and all but now I feel as I always have been...alone.
Topics: sad, lonely
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"Bruh," Skittles said and looked around to make sure a certain someone wasn't watching. "Explosives are fuckin awesome. Though, have you considered I dunno, making fireworks?"
"I have..."
"Then DUH! Solution is simple! Take your bomb loving explosive crazy ass and make some fireworks! They explode. They go BOOM! Right? And not only that, but ponies like them! You'd be doing something productive and fun, and it gets to test your level of creativity."
Crystal Light
"I most certainly remember you"
"I tried, and all that got me was being yelled at."
She looked at Crystal, then back to Nitro, "Did you uh, take your work somewhere that wasn't populated?"
"No man... Explosives are cool. Some things must've taken hundreds, perhaps thousands of years to carve, but you can make a bridge outta it in what, ten seconds? Eleven tops."
Nitro chuckles a bit at that.