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Svarlet Batfire
by on March 13, 2019
So I have many things I want to start doing as you know. Some of them will take time as I am in a bad place right now. But here are some things I will be doing or have up that you can interact with me with!
- Epic Pony Rap Battles Of Canterlot Avenue
This is something I will be doing in Friendship Letters! If anyone wants to be in one let me know. All you have to do is PM me with EXPLICIT details about your OC's personality then I will write it. But you need a partner to battle with. Find someone you wanna do the battle with and make sure they say it is ok. Then I want them to do the same thing and PM me with EXPLICIT details about your OC's personality.
- Welcome To Night Vale/Desert Bluffs:
This is a page I have up right now that is based from a podcast on YouTube. And originally books. Become part of the podcast page now!! Post and show us your favorite quote, song or episode from the station! We would love to hear about it and help to show others about how wonderful Night Vale is. And if you are on team Desert Bluffs that is okay too. Have some fan art you have drawn? Share it! Night Vale OC? We would love to see them! Post now on the 'Welcome To Night Vale/Desert Bluffs' radio station page today.
- Q + A with Svarlet and Friends:
I have a lot of OC's. About 275+ Some are not developed all the way but have art and some are the opposite. I would love to get them more developed. Ask anything to/about any of my OC's. Want to know anything? Come on in and ask! You may find some of my OC's and details about them from the friendship letters on my profile page! I may even draw the answer. If I have enough inspiration I will draw your character with mine for free! Other characters that I don't have put on friendship letters yet you may ask about to. I wanna do an Q&A with all of my OCs to help develop them. I will post a picture of them when I reply to the question so you know what they look like. If they don't have art then that may not happen. Either way I will draw out answers and such. All you have to do is pick a number between 1 - 250 (the number you pick is an OC who will answer the question). I am not going to go above 250 cuz I still have to count OC's and I don't know the EXACT number.
- Svarlet Batfire Adopts
I have many adopts! If you don't want any that is fine! Just come check it out once in awhile and maybe like the page to stay updated! More will be coming out soon! Especially when I get more active and start making a bunch more. I may even do a few freebie prizes if I get the chance and don't need the money! Come take a look!
- Svarlet Batfire Draws
I have commissions open almost all the time. Requests are off and on. Usually I offer so please don't ask. But feel free to like my page to stay updated and see if I am taking requests! Also hit me up if you want commissions! I will be posting art I have done there too. So if you are waiting for me to finish your art check the page! I may also have updates about speedpaints I am working on. Feel free to check out my YouTube Channel:
I don't exactly RP or anything but if you want to get ahold of me for anything else check out some of my other websites. Details here: