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Misty Nights (PR)
by on May 14, 2019
Hello everyone! In this statement we want to address something that we believe is well overdue. That being our Subscription Packages. This statement is also to provide some insight on users who may be considering becoming Premium users.
As CA has been online for the past year and a half with the help of our parent company, Poniverse, we have always strived to be able to become a bit more independent in the sense of being able to provide our own revenue to help alleviate the load on the company having to pay for our expenses from the funds of other services. While all of the funds that Poniverse makes goes to a centralized account and not separated into sections, we still wish to be able to provide some assistance in that regard.
Because of this goal, we've decided to introduce Subscription services in which would include some perks for those who were willing to not only enjoy them, but also contribute to the site and Poniverse as a whole to help us all expand. We released these subscription packages not long ago with our site's first anniversary, and we're happy to see that many of you have been able to enjoy the perks from them; however, despite our commitment to ensuring that our members have a great experience here and features that they can enjoy, we have failed those who are part of our subscription services.
We understand that a lot of our Premium members have expressed concerns and complaints in regards to the lack of features and several technical issues regarding this system, and we wish to apologize for the lack of content on this front. Unfortunately, we have not been putting much focus on what matters most, which is ensuring that our users who are paying for these perks get their money's worth out of these services, and we want to say that we will do what we can moving forward to ensure that we continue to provide features and perks in which will make it worth your while and continue to support us with your monthly donation.
The Public Relations Department is making a commitment to work hard moving forward to help design features in which we think will improve your user experience and also enhance your Roleplaying experience as well. The department will also commit to ensuring that a well-established communication is maintained with the developers, in order to ensure that a stronger and more unified vision of the site is established so that user requirements can be effectively met. In addition, we'd like to add that our Development team continues to do research for various ways in which they can implement features that have been planned long ago. Unfortunately, due to how small our development team is currently, it takes us a bit longer than we'd like to deliver the content that you, as recurring donators, deserve. All of our developers are also volunteers, meaning that their private daily lives end up taking priority over CA, which in turn hinders any progress in any upcoming features that we may have in line to release, so due to this, unfortunately we cannot work on a release schedule because things happen that are sometimes out of our control.
We would like to take this time to thank all of our recurring donors who have taken the time to express their concerns in regards to the subscription packages and the value that they may hold. We appreciate the feedback that users have also provided to us in regard to features that we have certainly taken into consideration and have written down for further research once the time comes to discuss further features. We also appreciate those who have been patiently waiting for these additions to be made to these subscription packages, as well as most importantly, we also want to thank our One-Time donors which take the time to contribute to our site when they have the ability to do so through our Donation button on the public feed.
-This Document has been written by: Corona
-Statement approved by: Poniverse’s Human Resources Department, CA Development Department & CA's PR Department
Misty Nights (PR)
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Princess Corona Lionheart the IV
I work fast~ :P
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Et tu PR?
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EA nice, but how many subscriptions do you need to play as darth vader?
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Uh, you need to bury ur mum and avenge her then accidentally choke ur gf till she loses will to live and finally have some kids you can fight with in future.
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You need to buy the full game as $19.99 and then buy the bundle which is $35.99 and then you can play as Darth Vader
Gib admin privileges, i pay good, i gib 2 cows, a goat, and 5 chickens.
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Ye but I'll gip 5 plots of lann