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Female. Lives in  Canterlot,  Equestria. Born on November 21, 1999
Ask A Teacher!
17 likes Education
Hey it's Abbs. This is a page where you can ask any questions you have about teaching, and voice valid concerns as a student or fellow teacher. I seek to improve the teaching profession!
Amethyst the Hippogriff
Cherry Bomb
Candied Death Art corner
24 likes Artist
A place to ask for requests or art trades by me be it pop figure style, headshot or full body. I will be open to any requests nearly every day so if you want a request I will work on it right away. All I ask is to be patient when I draw it out for it may take me a while to work on due to school and life-based things. If you wish to credit me for anything my DA is Queen-of-Fate if not I probably most likely signed the corner of it. Note: People keep asking me and it kinda irks me but NO I DO NOT do commissions I draw for FREE only at the moment for I am not skilled enough to do commissions! To me, drawing is fun so do NOT pressure me into drawing something and asking constantly if I finished it cause I will stop drawing what you've asked me to draw for you. Me doing a request is a privilege but if you make drawing seem less fun I will stop. I'm only saying this on here just in case I get another issue like this as I did on ponysquare when my art was worse.
Autumn Blaze
Blue Jay
Crann Taca
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Singles Mingle
Looking for a special somepony? You've come to the right place! This organization can help you find a potential love interest, no matter your species or sexual orientation! Fell free to post a form on the wall and comment on other's posts! Don't be afraid to meet that special somepony! Fill this form out and be sure to post it on the wall! Name: Age: Race: Gender: S/O: Likes: Dislikes: Looking for: