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"Alright, ponies, morale is low and we need plans!" The black kirin's tail swished behind her with interminable animation. "Now, I know most-" she glanced at a clipboard in her hoof "- all of you are new here, (damn commission can't send me experienced subjects, it seems), but fret not, for I, the magnificent Mandala, shall be your guiding star through the darkness of the unknown.
so, who's with me!?" She thrusts her hoof up into the air, striking a pose that was at once inspiring and strangely alluring- in an entirely inappropriate way, to the less pure minds. It must have been the way her lab coat parted down the sides of her flanks, just enough to-
Hello! I had an idea to try and start a larger scale roleplaying server for advanced literate roleplayers in a T1 MLP AU set in the distant future of an alien world. Unfortunately, I seem to lack the skills and/or patience to properly advertise, so I'm taking another approach to this little project of mine: picking up players little by little.
The ultimate goal is to piece together my world from the perspectives of multiple people in small, isolated sections of my world. When everything is to my liking, I'd merge all the seperate roleplays together into a single shard, then see how things go from there.
For now, though, I need feedback. I need to find a working hook and a dedicated playerbase. Don't worry, I have [a] competent mod on my team rn that can handle some of the more technical stuff, although more professional help is not discouraged.
If you have any ideas you'd like to share, or.ajy questions, please contact me. If you'd really like, you can also respond to this post with your own IC response. It'll give me a good idea of how you roleplay.
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