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Male. Lives in  Equestria. Born on October 31, 1993
The Castle
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The Royal Castle of Canterlot. Quite a lot goes down within the castle everyday it seems. Wether it's new recruits or the workers just driving each other crazy. Let's Rp about that. This place is designed to aide the ponies that work for Artemis Rp wise and have them all come together in one spot. However, it's a place for strangers to come and visit the Princes or Sign up to work with them! Rules: Be sure to stick by site rules when deciding on a post. Be sure if joining an Rp in progress to kinda stick to what the Rp is already doing. That way it doesn't throw everybody else off of what they are trying to do. Be a decent human being. Rudeness is kinda off putting. All posts must consist within the Castle. It can be anywhere in the Castle. Kitchen, guard barracks, throne room, garden, front entrance, and the list goes on.