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Thank you for having interest in this page! Feel free to cheack out my YouTube Channel:
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I have mostly made this page so I can show off my art. It's a page for my art. Although I will not be posting art of my own OCs that I draw here. I will only be posting art of others' OCs I have done. I will also be opening for commissions and maybe doing occasional free art. I may also have updates about speedpaints I am working on. I want to see my page get bigger. I would love for people to share it around for me. This is mostly for me posting my pictures. But feel free to leave comments. I may open it up for others but for now I need an organizing system for myself personally. It is also just for me right now because I need the money. But as soon as I move I may open it up to the public. So feel free to help out and stay tuned!^^ Also if you have any questions or suggestions for me that is always welcome. Just remember the rules.
Page Rules!!
1. No bullying.
2. No stealing art or OC's.
3. Respect your admins and members.
4. Don't copy, recolor, or steel art from me or other people. You'll get a strike and automatically get put onto a blacklist.
5. In the case of a fight starting report to Admin.
7. Don't tell or boss around admins.
8. If u get 3 strikes you'll be removed from the page.
10. Don't block Admins.
Profile Photo: Svarlet Batfire and her pet Spoof by AnnaLizMec
Cover Photo: By me (Svarlet head by Lunar Aurora)