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Hello and welcome to my page!
I am a digital artist from Canada whom mainly focuses around drawing MLP canon and original characters. I am also the type of artist who draws a large varity of different things including feral and anthro characters, sfw, and other content which cannot be posted here. I take types of artwork transactions including commissions, art trades, collabs and gifts [but for close friends only]. If you have any questions or concerns, message me directly.
Thank you for reading!! <3
A majority of the rules comply with commissioning me but should be respected no matter the transaction I am doing with you.
**Before You Commission, Trade or Collab**
- I only take Deviantart points or payment via Paypal invoices.
- Make sure you include every piece of detail necessary to me meeting with your standards which include the following: poses, character photos or descriptions, referances, and so on.
- If you are using descriptions, please included detailed information so I can be as accurate as possible.
- If you want seperate edited photos such as clothing changes, please tell me asap!!
- And if a character you are using does not innitally belong to you, make sure you have the original person's permission to prevented any unneccessary conflict between either of us.
**Starting your Drawing**
- I will send you a pencil sketch first before the digital process begins.
- If you are not 100% satisfied, let me know asap so I can make adjustments but may cost extra depending on complexity.
- I will not redo a piece once the digital outline being worked on or completed.
**Close To Finishing**
- Once the colouring and shading process is being worked on, I will still want you to pay since it's a bit unfair since I spend hours on each piece created.
- I send process WIPs.
- I will not accept requests to redo at this point as I am too far into completing your artwork.
**Payment Process [for commissions or YCHs only]**
- I will send a cropped WIP to show the image has been completed and ask for your Paypal email to create an invoice or send you my Deviantart for direct payment (to prevent scamming).
- I will double check if payment was successfully sent incase of email mistypes due to past incidents of missing transactions. Once payment has been confirmed, I will send or link the photo to you directly.
- The copyright of each image created belongs to me (the artist), and if you are posting elsewhere, please let me know first and credit the image.
PRICES [for commissioners]
Pencil sketches are FREE!!
*Flat $6.00 or 600 DA points 
*Cell Shade $8.00 or 800 DA points 
*Soft Shade $10.00 or 1000 DA points 
Thigh Ups
*Flats $7.00 or 700 DA points 
*Cell Shade $9.00 or 900 DA points
*Soft Shade $11.00 or 1100 DA points 
Full Body
*Flats $8.00 or 800 DA points 
*Cell Shade $10.00 or 1000 DA points 
*Soft Shade $12.00 or 1200 DA points 
Referance Sheets
*Flats $10.00 or 1000 DA points
*Cell Shaded $12.00 or 1200 DA points 
*Soft Shaded $14.00 or 1400 DA points 
*Cell Shaded $5.00 or 500 DA points 
*Soft Shaded $6.00 or 600 DA points 
Per Page Created 
*Cell Shaded $10.00 or 1000 DA points 
*Soft Shaded $12.00 or 1200 DA points 
*[18] +$1.00 or 100 DA points
*Minor Edits (per seperate image) +$1.00 or 100 DA points
*Major Edits (per sepeate image) +$5.00 or 500 DA points
* Extra Character (per character/ prices vary on commish type) $1.00- $5.00 or 100 to 500 DA points
*Multicommission discount: Buy two and get the third 50% off within a two week period 
*Tipping discount: Add a tip to your payment and you'll get 15% off a commission over $500 or 500 points
*Late commission discount: If I owe an outstanding commission over a month, you get 20% off
Commissions: Closed
Art Trades: Closed
Collabs: Closed
YCHs: None Available
Art Draws: None Available
- 1 facebook commission
- 1 devianart commission (3)
- 4 tumblr commissions
- 1,330 + follower art prizes (3)
- 1 referance sheet ych