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Art request page from Pandora
You can place your art requests here by reading through the rules first and filling in my sheet
☆ Rules ☆
1. Do not take off my watermark.
2. Do not disrespect me
3. Have patience, I work 2 jobs.
4. I may decline whenever i want
5. Fill in the Request sheet
6. If we have bad blood then I will not draw for you.
7. To make sure you read the rules post "SHINee" in your comment aswell.
Request sheet to fill in
♥ Send me a wall comment here
* Character name:
* Reference link:
* Personality:
* Suggested pose and expresion:
* Background: Not available
* Other: (anything else I need to know? Regarding scars or other traits)
Warning:There is a chance i might not draw so well with fullbody's as im very used to headshots