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/ Commission done for Sharp Fountain visiting Maxh twin sister.
Because Arabian hottiesss.
First 2019 MLP commission, to start the year /
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Sharp Fountain
This image really does bring out Sharp's physical features... and since it's summer, he doesn't have that fluff present. He gets floofy during Winter... or maybe he had a fine shave before going into the desert! :D
Maxh Vezpyre
Ze fluff has been diminished, to bring out more muscly.
Sharp Fountain
Sharp seems to be shy in showing that, but now it's there to bear and for all to see, he will start getting used to it. :o
rubs her eyes "I'm seeing double, two cuties in one picture"
Maxh Vezpyre
hah our positions have reversed, it is I who admires your shapely bottom.
Maxh Vezpyre
But that's not me.
Sharp Fountain
It is Khax, Maxh's twin bootiful twin sister with the alluring eyes.
I stand by my admiration