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Demonic H Hooves
January 16, 2022
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I just wanna know
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polo fastter
I just think of memes to post for i am the number one worst rper on this site.
Depending on the roleplay, I have ambient musics, sounds and themes playing on youtube on my second monitor for immersion purposes.
Carmine Gumshoe
finding out what resonates with me is literally a scientific method for me. most times i’ll play songs that reflect the character i’m playing as. but then i’ll get bored of my music and swap to a listening piece about a game or weird science— but it can’t be something too interesting or else i’ll en...View More
Cakepop The Baker
honestly i need like 8 things making noise in the background for me to focus
Bright Brave
Bring the noise
Vy Thresh
Depends on my mood. Music playing works for me, but I can also dig a nice rp late at night, after everyone else is sleeping. My roommates are pretty tame but one of them is SO FUCKING LOUD.
Papillon Crève-Cœur
I need pure silence. I have to mute every video, shut off all televisions, everything. I'm too easily distracted.
I love to play some smooth and music that really gets to me to help me be a better person in society and to my friends :)