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Misc. RP Information
Ω Guidelines Ω
9/10 of you have the attention spans similar to the lasting flavor of a Juicy Fruit bu...View More
Roleplay Medium (Preferred RP Location)
Wall Posts, Private Messages
Common locations your character will be
Canterlot, Appleloosa, McIntosh Mountains
Title(s) / Rank
Slayer Of Wolves, The Legendary, Child of the Leyline
Cutiemark (If Applicable)
A Paw containing a red horseshoe on paw pad
Detailed Description
Wolfbane is apart of a subspecies of ponies that resign in the regions of The Old Kingdom, commonly ...View More
Rock Climbing/Cliff Diving; Spear Fishing; Traveling;
Detailed Personality
Whilst not an extroverted individual, he is not afraid to socialize when required in situations. Onc...View More
Excavating Contractor; Part-time rock climbing instructor
Evisica, The floating isles of The Breach
::Evisica Academy::
Starting at the age of 3, this is what many call Kindergarten. The school was for...View More
Detailed History
[Currently in process of major updates.]
Skills / Notable Talent(s)
Cutie Mark
-Talent: Cosmic connection ties with the wolf and its symbolism of survival, mystery, Lead...View More
Quilladons have a passive magic similar to Equestrian Earth Ponies with their close connection to wi...View More
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