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Male. Born on February 12, 2003
Misc. RP Information
both batt and his admin use he/they!! also, please dont dm me for rp! i prefer short, simple wall rps bc my brain dont do no good with stories or private things. however, i try to be friendly most of the time! if u wanna talk, dont be afraid to do so!
local fuckwit
Detailed Personality
uhhh either a complete asshole or extremely nice! who knows. i dont
Detailed History
most likely a ghost. how? you'll never know
Roleplay Medium (Preferred RP Location)
Wall Posts
middle of fuckall, nowhere
Common locations your character will be
anywhere where there is trashcans
Title(s) / Rank
king of the clowns, local fuckwit, juvenile delinquent, rat
Skin / Coat Color
bright purple with dark purple tiger stripes
Eye Color
hot pink
Design Description
a hot mess