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Kisho Yakushi

Male. Lives in The Yakushi Residence,  Ponyville,  Equestria. Born on March 23, 1964
Misc. RP Information
This character will mostly be used for "Dad Posts." I won't be doing much RP with Kisho, but maybe some wall posts.
Restaurant Owner, Father
Detailed Personality
Kisho is a calm, collected man who sees it as his duty in life to make everyone around him smile. Being a father, he tends to treat anyone around his daughters ages, or younger like them. This can mean anything from him giving some advice, and a snack to making full meals, and inviting people to stay at his house for a few nights during a hard time. He's a loving father, and husband.
Due to his Neighpanese origin he is a neat freak who likes to keep everything as clean as possible. He also holds himself to a code of conduct emphasizing selflessness, and integrity.
Detailed History
Kisho Yakushi was born in Yokohama, Neighpan in 1964 to Emiyo, and Saito Yakushi. Kisho spent the majority of his childhood working alongside his father in the family carpentry trade. When Kisho enrolled in High School he took a Home Economy class and became enamored with the culinary arts. After coming home, and telling his parents of his love for cooking the two decided to support their son in his endeavor. Kisho enrolled in a culinary arts program in college, and worked most of his free time to pay his tuition. When he graduated Kisho found it difficult to find work in his hometown. As a re...View More
Roleplay Medium (Preferred RP Location)
Wall Posts
Yokohama Neighpan
Common locations your character will be
Home, His Restaurant
Title(s) / Rank
Owner, Chef, #1 Dad
Skin / Coat Color
Eye Color
Dark Brown
Cutiemark (If Applicable)
Ladle crossed with Spatula
Design Description
Kisho is a rather tall, and lean earth pony with light-gray fur, and a slick black mane/tail.
While working he typically wears a sushi chef style hat, and a "World's Best Boss" apron.
Cooking, Family, Friends, Tea
Not giving second chances, bad advice
Degrees in Culinary Arts, and Business Administration
Assets / Bits / Property
A 2 story house in Ponyville.
An authentic Neighpanese Restaurant in Ponyville.
Skills / Notable Talent(s)
Giving Advice
Making tea
Basic Info
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March 23, 1964
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October 20, 2022
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