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Male. Lives in Ponyville,  Ponyville,  Equestria. Born on February 25, 1997
Misc. RP Information
I'm open for nearly all genres, with slice of life and romance being my fav :3
Please put some effort into your replies. A few sentences is an absolute minimum.
Try to use proper grammar. (I'm not a native so I may be making some errors, but I try hard not to!)
Only third person.
Private detective
Detailed Personality
Brain is a quite intelligent, laid back, talkative stallion. He loves to joke around, often with his cheeky humor. Big perv. Tends to be confident and flirty when being with a mare he considers cute. Ambivert. Likes to lead and command, always tries to be in the spotlight. Stubborn.
Detailed History
Born in Canterlot where his family (mom, dad and younger sister) lives. He was no doubt an egghead during school, but with a reason to aim at becoming a forensic scientist in the future. After a quite normal childhood he grew up and as a young adult worked in Luna's guard for a while because of his dad's will. He wasn't neither built well enough for the job nor keen on standing 12 hours in one place, so he soon decided to give a try and become something else. His talents had no use in this job, so the snow white unicorn took a few courses and then became a psychologist with a mission to help ...View More
Roleplay Medium (Preferred RP Location)
Private Messages
Common locations your character will be
Behind you taking pictures!
Skin / Coat Color
Pure white
Eye Color
Light blue
Cutiemark (If Applicable)
Design Description
Brain is a bit leaner and shorter than average stallion. Not a sporty type, but surely quite handsome anyways, mainly beacuse of his well-groomed mane and confident look. He has a rounded muzzle, not exactly a mare-like one, but something in between, making his look softer.
Books (especially crime stories), his work, your girlfriend
Canterlot Elementary
Canterlot High
Assets / Bits / Property
Owns a house in Ponyville
Co-owns a family house in Canterlot
Lots of bits
Skills / Notable Talent(s)
Main talent: he's very effective and fast at deducting things (it helps his work a lot)
Sings pretty well
All of the basic ones that may help his work
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February 25, 1997
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September 24, 2022
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