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Female. Lives in  Equestria. Born on May 15, 1995
Misc. RP Information
My DMs are always open for any reason. Whether you want to start an RP or just talk! If you want to vent or anything like that, go for it! No previous interaction necessary. You can even ask me not to respond if that's what you need. This profile is mostly for RP, but it's absolutely not a problem if you just wanna chat.
(I might stop responding, this might mean lots of things but if you message again and I reply, it probably just means I thought the conversation was over. Usually it means I'm a tad busy and I'll reply another time!)
If you want to start an RP, you can just send me a start...View More
....Lamp inspector.
Detailed Personality
She can come off as cold when you first meet her, in large part because she's extremely direct. Venus doesn't tend to beat around the bush or play social games - if she likes someone, she'll tell them, and if she doesn't, she'll say that, too. Given the chance she's quite sweet! A little too sweet, which can be uncomfortable for those who may not wish for a hug from someone they just met, actually. She has trouble understanding the finer points of interaction. Sarcasm really doesn't register with her. She has absolutely no tact.
Venus is always well-intentioned, though, and will do her best to...View More
Detailed History
~to be updated once she's had a little more fleshed out~
Roleplay Medium (Preferred RP Location)
Wall Posts, Private Messages
Common locations your character will be
Anywhere with pretty lights
Title(s) / Rank
Skin / Coat Color
Warm grey
Eye Color
Cutiemark (If Applicable)
Design Description
An odd mixture of well-to-do and full on edgy, Venus keeps her lavender mane and tail loose but smooth. Her mane covers her eyes completely. She also wears a nice black vest with white lace at the collar and a white top underneath it - the collar is marked obviously but a black choker with a blue jewel, a silver crescent holding it securely in place. Matching the white top are cuffs around her front hooves, buttoned with lighter blue jewels. There ends the fancy part; Venus wears two black ring piercings on her upper ears, and a stud on each lower ear, which is a circle marked to look like a s...View More
Mysteries, puzzles, classical music, the moon
Windows, storms, fire
Very, very little.
Assets / Bits / Property
Skills / Notable Talent(s)
She's very good at a form of ballet specialized for pegasi, which is performed in the air and was originally inspired by the movements of leaves and feathers in air currents. It requires a lot of focus and fine muscle control. Venus quite enjoys dancing.
Definitely none at all, especially ritual based magic, which she totally doesn't know anything about. Nope, no moon water or crystals here!
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